The University Corporation - Facilities and Locations

Athletic Facilities

CSUN offers a variety of athletic facilities including gyms, locker rooms, weight rooms, dance studios, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, athletic fields, Olympic tracks, swimming pools, baseball and softball fields that are available to the public.

Athletic Facilities Rental Pricing


For-ProfitFull Day (over 4 hrs)Half Day (up to 4 hrs)
Premier America Credit Union Arena$2,005$1,245
Activity Center$1,125$700
Soccer Performance Field$1,856$1,144
Swimming Pools$1,125$700
East Field$1,125$700
North Field$1,125$700
Baseball or Softball Field$562$352
Soccer Practice Field$1,125$700
Dance/Small Gyms$282$96
Support Facilities$210$100
East Patio$210 
West Patio$210 
Ticket Office$420 
Locker Rooms & Office$420 


Non-ProfitDayHalf Day
Premier America Credit Union Arena$1,160$625
Activity Center$562$352
Soccer Performance Field$1,238$770
Swimming Pools$562$352
East Field$562$352
North Field$562$352
Baseball or Softball Field$338$220
Soccer Practice Field$562$352
Dance/Small Gyms$141$78
Support Facilities$105$60
East Patio$105 
West Patio$105 
Ticket Office$210 
Locker Rooms & Office$210 



* The CSUN-Department of Public Safety determines the need for and number of required police officers.

All Events require a Certificate of Liability Insurance with $2 million (or more) aggregate coverage, and a separate insured endorsement page naming California State University, Northridge and The University Corporation as "additional insureds."

Contact Information

CSUN faculty, hosting events that involve outside organizations

Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2744/-2628.

Community organizations and private individuals

Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2744/-2628.

Events involving exclusively CSUN faculty, staff or students

Please contact the Matador Involvement Center at (818) 677-5111

News Events or Documentaries

Please contact the Public Relations Office at (818) 677 - 2130