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Theaters and Recital Halls

Theatres & Recital Halls
CSUN offers a variety of Theatres and a Recital Hall for rent to the public.

The Little Theatre seats 191, and includes a large stage.

The Campus Theatre seats 393, and has an over sized stage with an extended workshop attached. The dressing rooms are located under the stage and can be reached by a circular stairway. There are five private dressing rooms and two chorus rooms which accommodate up to 20 actors each.


The Music Recital Hall seats 130, includes a greenroom, and several pianos.

The Valley Performing Arts Center - Great Hall

A state of the art building which boasts a 1600-seater performance hall equipped with the latest in acoustical system and impressive design features perfect to host theatre, orchestra and dance performances.

For performance rental please contact (818)677-8800.

For filming, please contact the Licensing office at (818)677-2628.

Facilities Use Fee Pricing - Theatres & Recital Halls
Facilities use does not include equipment use fee, custodial fees, liaison fees, and parking fees.

Please note: The fees listed below are for the rental of the facility only. Fees for lights, props, stage equipment, and piano tuning are not included.

Once the use of the facility is approved, a meeting with the Stage Manager is required to determine which equipment is needed. The fee for the Licensing Liaison is $42 per hour with a four-hour minimum.

Campus Theatre$1,000$1,500
Little Theatre$750$1,000
Dressing RoomsTBDTBD
Recital Hall$1,000$1,500
Rehearsal Hall$500$950
Music Classrooms (includes piano)$400$600
Music Practice$150$250

The Bianchi Planetarium is capable of seating up to 105 visitors and is equipped with a "Spitz-512" projector, capable of recreating the night sky on the dome with accuracy and brilliance. Over 2,000 stars, the five visible planets, and all of the apparent motions of the sky come alive overhead in a unique and relaxing environment. The planetarium is also equipped to support image projection and captivating digital sound. Read more information on the Planetarium.

Facilities Use Fee Pricing - Planetarium

Planetarium8 Hours Per DayHourly (Minimum 4 Hours)

To receive NON-PROFIT pricing, a copy of the Groups IRS non-profit letter (501 c 3) must be submitted to the Licensing Office. The agreement will be in the name of the NON-PROFIT and must be signed by their President or Executive Officer.

Additional Direct Cost (for all specialty locations)
Public Safety *) $84 per hour (4 Hour Minimum)
Parking Officers $44 per hour (4 Hour Minimum)
PPM/Custodial $56 per hour (4 Hour Minimum)
PPM/Electrician $56 per hour (4 Hour Minimum)
Liaisons $42 per hour (4 Hour Minimum)
Parking $8 per car enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*) The CSUN Department of Public Safety determines the need for and number of required police officers.

All Events require a Certificate of Liability Insurance with $2 million (or more) aggregate coverage, and a separate insured endorsement page naming California State University, Northridge and The University Corporation as "additional insureds."

Contact Information

CSUN faculty, hosting events that involve outside organizations
Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2628.

Community organizations and private individuals
Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2628.

Events involving exclusively CSUN faculty, staff or students
Please contact the Matador Involvement Center at (818) 677-5111

News Events or Documentaries
Please contact the Public Relations Office at (818) 677-2130