Matador Rising

Matadors Rising

Matadors Rising is CSUN’s student success campaign, led by Matador Momentum. One key element of this effort is highlighting the many campus resources that support students towards success in their educational journey at CSUN. As part of the system-wide CSU Graduation Initiative 2025, we are also working across the university to highlight the benefits of taking 15 credits per semester or 30 per year to reduce time to graduation.

We can do this! Here's how:

Step 1: Connect

Step 2: Plan

Step 3: Explore

Step 4: Graduate

Celebrations of Student Success

Andrew Escobar

Andrew EscobarAndrew Escobar transferred to CSUN from Pierce College in 2015. Before and after transferring to CSUN, Escobar balanced school and work life at the same time, yet is graduating CSUN within two years with a degree in journalism. Read more about Andrew Escobar.

Velia Hernandez

Velia HernandezWhen psychology major Velia Hernandez isn't studying or doing homework on campus, she's likely to be found helping kids at the Associated Students Children's Center, where she's been working since her sophomore year. Read more about Velia Hernandez.

Jeffrey Perez de Leon

Jeffrey Perez de LeonJeffrey Perez de Leon is a 22-year-old cinema and television arts major emphasizing in film production who is graduating this fall. It took him four years to earn his bachelor's degree, which is a huge accomplishment in a demanding major that was recently rated by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the Top 25 film schools in the country. Read more about Jeffrey Perez de Leon.

Alexander Salazar

Alexander SalazarAlexander Salazar is a 21-year-old communications major who can be found on stage performing poetry before graduating this spring after four years at CSUN. Salazar said three things helped him through the last few years, which are being organized, finding a passion and immersing himself in campus activities. Read more about Alexander Salazar.

Cati Mayer

Cati MayerCati Mayer’s journey through academia spanned multiple cities and continents. Six years after emigrating from Germany to the San Francisco Bay Area — and a mere two years after transferring to CSUN from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills — she is set to graduate this spring with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Read more about Cati Mayer.

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Generic female and male images.These are just a few of the thousands of stories of student success. 2017 saw nearly 11,500 students complete degrees and open the door to their bright futures. Connect to campus resources to realize your dreams. You can do it!.