Language, Speech and Hearing Center

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    Language, Speech, and Hearing Center

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Our Services

The Language, Speech and Hearing Center provides a wide range of audiology and speech and language services. Some of our services include:

Audiologic Evaluations and Services

Complete audiologic evaluations are administered to children or adults to determine hearing levels and ear function, or to assess the nature and extent of hearing loss under various listening conditions. These measures may be used for diagnostic purposes only, or to determine an individual's eligibility for hearing aids, other assistive listening devices, aural rehabilitation and speech reading strategies, or cochlear implants.  Tinnitus and balance needs are also addressed by our staff audiologists. Find out more about Audiologic Evaluations and Services.

Speech/Language Evaluations and Services

The Center offers a variety of speech, language, voice, fluency, and cognitive-communication evaluations for adults and children.  Following assessment, treatment is available in the Center’s ongoing treatment clinics.  There are also specialty clinics providing stroke and brain injury recovery assistance, social skills training, augmentative and assistive communication needs, and SmartStart assistance for student veterans.  There must be an evaluation on file prior to the start of treatment for all clients, in accordance with current licensing regulations. Depending upon the type of therapy, and what is most beneficial to the client, services may be individual or in group sessions. Find out more information about Speech Evaluations and Services.

Early Intervention Program

We offer a Center-Based Early Intervention Program, funded through Regional Center.  Clients who wish to enroll in this program can contact their Service Coordinator, and request enrollment in the CSUN Early Intervention Program. Find out more about Early Intervention. Find out more about Early Intervention Services and the Early Intervention Program.

Community Outreach

The Center collaborates with all outside agencies and professionals, including local schools, Regional Centers, CCS, and a wide variety of insurance companies. In addition, the Center also works with community organizations such as preschools, private schools, and health fairs, to provide speech and hearing screenings to help identify those who may be at-risk for development or those who need further intervention. The CSUN Language, Speech and Hearing Center is committed to the early identification of children and adults with communication disorders. Please contact the Center for more information, or to request a screening program for your next event. 818-677-2856