Language, Speech and Hearing Center

  • center staff with clients and visiting firefighters and firetrucks

    Language, Speech, and Hearing Center

  • image shows practice of audiology
  • monterey hall as shown from south side. Photo by lee choo, csun

Advisory Board


 Name Advisory Specialty Representation for
 the Program and Clinic
Kristine ChoHospitalSpeech-Language Pathology
Lindsay CockburnUniversity Program, Hospital, Medical PolicyAudiology
Sherry Foldvary, Advisory Board CoordinatorHospital, Medical PolicySpeech-Language Pathology

Edward Hall, Advisory Board Coordinator

University Program
Public School Service Credential
Speech-Language Pathology
SuHyun Jin, Advisory Board CoordinatorUniversity ProgramAudiology
Delia KarahaliosHospital,  Veterans AdministrationAudiology
Karen Kochis-JenningsLiaison, CSUN Alumni Association, CDS ChapterSpeech-Language Pathology
John MalanPrivate PracticeAudiology
Denise MiddletonPrivate PracticeSpeech-Language Pathology
Stacy PaynePrivate PracticeSpeech-Language Pathology
Steve SinclairIndustrial and Forensic AudiologyAudiology
Patricia Seymour, Advisory Board CoordinatorUniversity ProgramSpeech-Language Pathology
Leanne SteinCSUN Alumni Association, CDS ChapterSpeech-Language Pathology
Helen WadePrivate PracticeSpeech-Language Pathology
Elizabeth WeberUniversity ProgramSpeech-Language Pathology
Janice Woolsey, Advisory Board CoordinatorUniversity Program, Hospital, Medical PolicySpeech-Language Pathology