John Birmingham
  • John Birmingham

  • Email:

  • Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Interests: Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics of Modality, Logic and Scientific Reasoning, Moral and Political Philosophy, History of Philosophy
Valerie Giovanini
  • Valerie Giovanini

  • Email:
  • Ph.D. The European Graduate School, Switzerland
  • Interests: Moral Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Phenomenology, Comparative Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Critical Theory, Religious Studies
Mitchell Herschbach
  • Mitchell Herschbach

  • Email:
  • Ph.D. University of California, San Diego
  • Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Science, Phenomenology
Justin Kitchen
  • Justin Kitchen

  • Email:
  • M.A. San Francisco State University
  • Interests: Indian Philosophy (Hindu, Buddhist), Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Moral Psychology
Daniel Kwon
Leemon McHenry
Markar Melkonian
  • Markar Melkonian

  • Email:
  • Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science, State Power and Ideology, Philosophy of Death
Christpher Pallotti
  • Christopher Pallotti

  • Email:
  • M.A. Duquesne University, M.A. California State University, Los Angeles
  • Interests:  Philosophy of Psychology, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, 19th C German Philosophy
Mark Pressman
  • Mark Pressman

  • Email:
  • Ph.D. University of California, Davis
  • Interests:  History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics
Li Schroeder
Mojgan Taheri
  • Mojgan Taheri

  • Email:
  • M.A. Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University
  • Interests:  Ancient Philosophy, Logic, Business Ethics, Critical Thinking
Birgit Tregenza
  • Birgit Tregenza

  • Email:
  • M.A. UCLA
  • Interests: Philosophy of Art, Phenomenology (Husserl & Merleau-Ponty), Philosophy of Film, Postcolonial Feminist Theory