Publications By Students

Northridge Review

Northridge Review Retrospective Available at the Matadore BookstoreThe Northridge Review Retrospective 1989-2014 not only showcases a selection of work from some of our most committed writers of prose, poetry and drama, it is a resource for students who are either currently enrolled in the Creative Writing program or considering the options the CSUN English Department offers. It will also be meaningful to our Alumni as it is a collection of work that not only celebrates CSUN's creative writing community, it reflects the cultural, aesthetic, and generational concerns that swirled around this campus for more than two decades.


Congratulations New Voices and Wings cakeWings is a student publication consisting of exemplary essays written by students in English 113B, 114B, and 115. Wings is used as a text in these classes to give incoming students an idea of the sort of writing that is done in that course. The Wings Ceremony, which is held every Fall, is an important event in which students whose work is included in Wings are honored and given prizes.

New Voices and Wings online.