Faculty Advisors

All undergraduate English advising begins in the College of Humanities EOP Office, in JR 240, (818) 677-4767, where students may seek guidance regarding their major requirements or current or future class schedules.

Advising appointments are mandatory for declaring or changing a major and, one year in advance of the anticipated date of completion, filing for graduation. Additional advising is available in the English Department, and students may be directed there from the EOP office. For general questions concerning the major or other issues pertaining to English careers or future studies, please see the Associate Chair and/ or consult the current list of appropriate option advisers. Graduate advising takes place in the Department, and all graduate students should consult with the Graduate Adviser,Danielle Spratt, as soon as possible upon matriculation.


Beth Wightman

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 704

Phone: 818-677-3434

Email: beth.wightman@csun.edu



Associate Chair
Undergraduate Advisor

Anthony Dawahare

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 710

Phone: 818-677-3409

Email: adawahare@csun.edu



Graduate Advisor

Danielle Spratt

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 724

Phone: 818-677-3412

Email: danielle.spratt@csun.edu

Office hours and book an appointmentdsprattofficehours.youcanbook.me


Creative Writing Advisor

Rick Mitchell

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 733

Phone: 818-677-3422

Email: rick.mitchell@csun.edu

Director of Composition

Irene Clark

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 720

Phone: 818-677-3414

Email: irene.clark@csun.edu


Honors Program Advisor

Colleen Tripp

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 722

Phone: 818-677-0909

Email: colleen.tripp@csun.edu

Internship Advisor

Kimberly Wells

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 827

Phone: 818-677-3427



Subject Matter Program Adviser

Dorothy Clark

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 714

Phone: 818-677-7225

Email: dorothy.g.clark@csun.edu

Integrated Teacher Education Programs Adviser (FYI/JYI)

Krystal Howard

Office: Education Administration, Room 100

Phone: 818-677-3300



English 205 Coordinator

Iswari Pandey

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 822

Phone: 818-677-0910

Email: iswari.pandey@csun.edu

Stretch Coordinator

J C Lee

Office: Sierra Tower, Room 830

Phone: 818-677-2718

Email: jennifer.c.lee@csun.edu

Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (W.P.E.)

Oviatt Library
3rd Floor, East Wing, Suite 300

Phone (818) 677-7331
Email: udwpe@csun.edu

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