Chicana-Chicano Studies

CSUN Chicana/o Studies Social Science Subject Matter Program

The California State University, Northridge, Department of Chicana/o Studies Social Science Subject Matter Waiver (Bachelor of Arts) is a 54-unit program designed to prepare prospective teachers of social science/history to teach 6-12th grade students who attend California public schools. The program engages prospective teachers in core and extended study courses that are aligned with and build upon the state-adopted History-Social Science Content Standards and the History-Social Science Framework. Future teachers practice relevant history/social science tools, methods, and skills and are introduced to important concerns in schools, such as addressing the needs of Second Language Learners, undocumented students, special needs and diverse students. The program supports prospective teachers in addressing issues of equity and diversity, including incorporating ethnic studies content and perspectives into the state-adopted curriculum.

Students who have successfully completed the program will have demonstrated subject matter competency in the Social Sciences and, thus, will not be required to pass the California Subject Exam for Teachers (CSET) Social Sciences. Students completing the program are encouraged to apply to a teaching credential program. Consult with an advisor in the Chicana/o Studies department.

Program Requirements

1. CORE COURSEWORK (36 units)

a. Economics Courses (3 units)

    • ECON 101: Economics for Everyday Life (3)

b. Geography Courses (6 units)

    • GEOG 150: World Geography (3)
    • GEOG 330: California (3)

c. History Courses (21 units)

    • AFRS 272: African American History since 1865 (3)
    • CHS 245: History of the Americas (3)
    • CHS 445: Chicana/o History (3)
    • HIST 110: World History to 1500 (3)
    • HIST 111: World History since 1500 (3)
    • HIST 270: United States to 1865 (3)
    • HIST 271: United States since 1865 (3)

d. Political Science Courses (6 units)

    • CHS 260: Constitutional Issues and the Chicana/o (3)
    • POLS 155: American Political Institutions (3)


a. Equity and Diversity (6 Units)

    • CHS 417: Equity and Diversity in School (3)
    • CHS 431: The Chicana/o Adolescent (3)

b. Geography (3 Units)

    • GEOG 321: The United States (3)

c. Political Science/Urban Studies (3 Units)
Select one of the following courses.

    • AIS 304: American Indian Law and Policy (3)
    • CHS 361: Urbanization and the Chicana/o (3)
    • CHS 364: World Migration and the Chicana/o (3)
    • CHS 460: Politics of the Chicana/o (3)

d. History (3 Units)

    • CHS 345: History of the Mexican Peoples (3)
    • CHS 346: History of the Chicana/Mexicana (3)
    • CHS 365: Third World Women and the Chicana (3)
    • CHS 401: Pre-Cuauhtemoc Meso-American Civilization (3)

e. Research Methods (3 Units)

    • CHS 497: Senior Seminar in Chicana/o Studies (3)