Chicana-Chicano Studies

CSUN Chicana/o Studies Double Major

Program Learning Objectives

Students receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Chicana and Chicano Studies will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to think critically, analytically and creatively about the Chicana/o experience in the local and global society.
  2. Demonstrate competency in oral, written and research skills.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of creative and performance arts.
  4. Acquire a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Chicana/o history, culture, arts, language and sociopolitical issues.
  5. Acquire the leadership skills that will promote social change in the Chicana/o communities and broader society.

Double Major Program Requirements

Lower Division Required Courses (9 units)

  • CHS 100: Chicana/o Culture (3)
  • CHS 201: Survey of Mexican Literature in Translation (3)
  • CHS 270SOC/F:  Fieldwork in Barrio Studies (2/1)

Upper Division Required Courses (12 units)

  • CHS 331: Chicana/o Decolonizing Research Methods (3)
  • CHS 445:  History of the Chicana/o (3)
  • CHS 453: Theory and the Chicana/o Experience (3) OR CHS 460: Politics of the Chicana/o 93)
  • CHS 497: Senior Seminar in Chicana/o Studies (3)

Upper Division Electives (12 units)

SECTION A. 6 Units -  Select two course from the following:

  • CHS 351: Survey of Mexican Philosophical Thought (3)
  • CHS 362: Contemporary Indigenous Migrations and Diasporas (3)
  • CHS 365: Third World Women and the Chicana (3)
  • CHS 380: Chicana/o Literature OR CHS 381: Contemporary Chicana Literature (3)
  • CHS 401: Pre-Cuauhtemoc Meso-American Civilizations (3)
  • CHS 432: Counseling the Chicana/o Child (3)
  • CHS 467: Environmental Justice and Chicana/o Communities (3)
  • CHS 470: Cultural Differences and the Chicana/o (3)
  • CHS 473: The Chicana/o and Social Institutions (3)

SECTION B. 6 Units

Electives in upper division Chicana/o Studies are to be selected with the advice and approval of the advisor.  View List of Upper Division Electives for Double Major

Requirements for Double Major

  • Students are required to complete a B.A. second major. Please consult the department undergraduate advisor of the second major.

Total Units required including GE requirements:  Minimum 120 units