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Chair: Kent Baxter
Notes compiled by: Kate Haake



Welcome back to one and all. We very much hope your summer breaks were everything you wished for! And here we go again.

Department meeting days for Fall semester are September 14, October 12, and November 9. Please make a note of them.

The English Department Book Arts Lab is in development and will be open soon to students and faculty interested in hands-on learning and the art of book making. For more information, contact its new Director, Sean Pessin, at sean.pessin@csun.edu.

The LRC is hosting a wide range of writing and skills-based workshop this fall, so please let your students know. For more information on the following events, please see https://www.csun.edu/lrc/writing-workshops:

Mastering the Text: Close Reading and Annotation
Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting: How to Integrate Seamlessly
Understanding APA Formatting
Understanding MLA Formatting
Outlining and Pre-writing: Strategies for Organization
Writing Powerful Paragraphs
The Essay Refresh
Crafting a Standout Personal Statement
Using Academic Sources Effectively and Correctly
Building the Annotated Bibliography
Writing the Literature Review
Visual Thinking Strategies
How to Produce Good Writing that Works and Flows
Avoiding the Top Five Grammar Errors
Finding Frequent Grammar Errors for Non-Native English Speakers
Strategies for Proofreading and Revision
Creating a Powerful Resume


The College of Humanities is accepting proposals for the Academic Programming Fund from all full- and part-time faculty in the college. APF funds up to $200 for in-state speakers and up to $500 for out-of-state speakers, providing supplementary support for academically related events only (e.g., guest lecturers, workshops, performances). Proposals should be no longer than one (1) page and should describe how the proposed activity or event supports a course or academic program in the College of Humanities. Events must take place during the Fall 2018 semester. Applications are available from and may be delivered to Academic Programming Fund, College of Humanities, SH 461, mail code 8252.  The deadline for proposals is Monday, September 10, 2018, 5:00 p.m. Late requests will NOT be considered for funding. APF awards will be announced on or before Thursday, September 27th.
The College of Humanities is further pleased to announce the application period for faculty interested in using the Humanities Research Lab in 2018-19. This lab is thoughtfully configured and equipped for collaborative faculty/student group projects pursued outside of ordinary coursework and class times. The hope is that faculty and students may find equal benefit in extracurricular collaborations: Faculty members may enlist bright and eager students to assist with academic research activities, while students receive direct training and valuable experience in academic research methods, ethics, and protocols. Projects that offer training and experience to undergraduate students are particularly encouraged. For more information, see the lab homepage. Applications forms are available from the Dean’s Office (SH 461) and may be sent electronically to Teresa Morrison’s attention. Direct technical questions about lab space and equipment to Professor Scott Kleinman, copied, who coordinates the COH lab steering committee. The deadline is September 14.


Eve Caram‘s novella, Please, San Antonio, along with Cecilia Manguerra Brainard’s novovella, Melisande in Paris, has been published in a Special International Edition by Philippine American House and will be released to book stores here on November lst.

On June 14th, Irene Clark presented a paper at the 7th Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference in Oxford Ohio. Her paper was titled, “A Troublesome and Thorny Threshold Concept: The Transformative Potential of Imitation.” On June 27th, she gave a seminar at Chalmers University of Mines and Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. The seminar was titled “Current Issues in Composition Research.” On July 27th, she presented a paper at WPA: Council of writing Program Administrators Conference. Her paper was titled Reconsidering Imitation and Modeling in a Rhetorical Context.”

On August 19, Kim Young hosted a spectacular reading at Avenue 50 Studio. Titled “in & of this world,” the reading featured five women poets, including CSUN faculty and alumni, Gina Alexandra, Dorothy Barresi, and Kate Martin Rowe. Also featured, the first zine in a series to be published as accoutrements or carry-out’s of readings happening at Avenue 50 Studio! 100% of proceeds from the sale of the “in & of this world” zines were donated to Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights.