Chair: Kent Baxter Compiled by: RosaMaria Chacon


3 more Weeks of Class!     Help each other cross the finish line with a smile or joke or other useful assist


Celebrate the retirement of….drum roll: Richard Battaglia, Pam Bourgeois, Cynthia Hagstrom, Mona Houghton, Kathy Leslie, Donna Marsh, Marlene Pearson, Stephanie Satie, Marjorie Seagoe, Terri Silverberg, and George Uba. Saturday April 30th 6-9 pm at Dorothy Barresi’s house–23541 Mariano Street Woodland Hills. Refreshments provided and Guests welcome. A potluck sign-up sheet will be posted in the mailroom breakroom. Do RSVP …Questions-contact Lauren or Santosh.

Internet Shaming (new mediums/new problems).  Join a facilitated discussion of Jon Ronson’s book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed–the Freshman Common Reading for 2016-17. Sounds Interesting. Today April 21st 11-12:15 with Catherine Givertz or April 27th 12:30-1:45 with Susanna Eng-Ziskin or April 29th 11-12:15 with Jamie Johnson.  Check with Cheryl Spector for questions. Free copy of book to all participants.

12,758 pounds of oranges were harvested and donated to MEND Poverty, SOVA/Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, Seeds of Hope and Family Rescue Center.  Great Harvest and volunteers.

Snax and Good Company/Graduate Reading with Socheata San, Kirk San, and Melisa Malvin-Middleton (all graduating this semester). Come celebrate their work this Friday April 22nd 7pm JR 319.


Tod Goldberg and Jessica Ripka reading today April 21 7pm JR319. Ask Marjie for more information.

Remembrance and Celebration of José Luis Vargas, EOP Director Friday April 29th VPAC 2pm RSVP to

Awards Deadline April 29th Let your students know to apply, recommend your students, and turn in your recommendations. Contact Santosh with questions.

DO REMEMBER to donate those paperback books for LA Juvenile Facilities by April 30th  JR 148, 240, 340!!

Composing with Web workshop May 2nd 12:30-3:30 ED 2117 with refreshments. RSVP to Santosh

CFA Voting on the tentative agreement begins Friday April 22 through Noon Friday April 29th.  It is important to vote. If you have questions, the CFA website has information on the agreement. If you are not a member of CFA, it will be necessary to join before voting.


This Friday 3pm Live Oak 1326 William Robinson (UC Santa Barbara) discussing his book Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity.

Lecture on “American Islam and the Challenge of Islamophobia” April 28 9:30 Thousand Oaks Room–geared to undergraduate audience. Let your students know.

Poetry Readings and a talk by Anne Yale and Nancy Carroll hosted by Northridge Creative Writing Circle April 26th 7pm JR 319.  Good poetry and a glimpse of the writer’s life after graduating CSUN.  Tell your students.

Students are invited by City Hall and Department of Cultural Affairs/Los Angeles to submit 3 minute films shot on smart phones that reflect issues of social justice. Deadline May 9th. Film Festival at VPAC May 19th. Contact Doug Kaback in Department of Theatre. Tell your students!


Lots of Hard Work and Good Results

Stephanie Lim will be entering UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts to pursue a PhD in Drama and Theatre. Congrats to Stephanie!

Irene Clark presented a paper titled “Fostering Genre Transfer through Imitation and Modeling” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Houston April 6-9.

Lisa Riccomini will receive the Polished Apple Award from University Ambassadors.  Congrats Lisa.

Wafa Azeem (M.A. 2015) served as a communications intern for the CSUN Human Resources Department. Now she is a content developer for Scorpion Internet Marketing and Web Design. Another Intern Success story: she says “I’ve always heard stories of people saying they loved going into work every day.” Wafa thought these stories were part of a myth, “the holy grail of employment,” but she loves her work!


Nazanin Keynejad was awarded the 2016 Association of Retired Faculty Memorial Award for her article “Etymological Analysis of the Eighteenth-Century Novel.”  She can’t believe it but those who know her have no trouble believing it.

Remember Cesar Soto? He was awarded a Ford Dissertation Fellowship for his dissertation tentatively titled “My Kingdom is not of this World: Christianities, Revolution and National Identity in Atlantic Writing Cultures (1789-1832)”.  He is also an alternate for a Fulbright Research Grant to Ireland. He will be presenting “Fray Servando Teresa de Mier’s Memorias: Radicalizing Burke and the Uses of Rousseau in the Formation of the Mexican Republic in the Nineteenth Century” at the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (UC Berkeley in August). Cesar was very successful at CSUN and he has continued this success!  He says “I continue to be grateful for the first-rate education I received at CSUN and I hope everyone is well!”

Noreen Lace’s story “$1.00 Stories” was accepted for publication by the Chicago Tribune in their Printers Row Journal (4/24/16).

Kudos to ALL!


until another Thursday~