Electrical and Computer Engineering

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ECE Course Syllabi

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ECE 101/L (.doc)

Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Lab 

ECE 206/L (.docx)

Computing for Electrical Engineers and Lab

ECE 240 (.doc)

Electrical Engineering Fundamentals 

ECE 240L (.doc)

Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Lab

ECE 280 (.docx)

Applied Differential Equations in Electrical Engineering 

ECE 309 (.docx)

Numerical Methods in Electrical Engineering

ECE 320 (.doc)

Theory of Digital Systems

ECE 320L (.doc)

Theory of Digital Systems Lab

ECE 340 (.doc)

Electronics I 

ECE 340L (.doc)

Electronics I Lab 

ECE 350 (.doc)

Linear Systems I  

ECE 351 (.doc)

Linear Systems II  

ECE 370 (.doc)

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I 

ECE 370L (.doc)

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I Lab 

ECE 410 (.docx)

Electrical Machines and Energy Conversion

ECE 410L (.pdf)

Electrical Machines and Energy Conversion Lab

ECE 411 (.docx)

Electric Power Systems

ECE 412 (.docx)

Power Electronics

ECE 420 (.docx)

Digital Systems Design with Programmable Logic

ECE 422 (.docx)

Design of Digital Computers

ECE 425 (.docx)

Microprocessor Systems

ECE 425L (.doc)

Microprocessor Systems Lab

ECE 440 (.doc)

Electronics II

ECE 440L (.doc)

Electronics II Lab

ECE 442 (.doc)

Digital Electronics

ECE 442L (.docx)

Digital Electronics Lab

ECE 443 (.doc)

Pulse and Waveshaping Circuit Design

ECE 443L (.docx)

Pulse and Waveshaping Circuit Design Lab

ECE 445 (.doc)

Introduction to Solid State Devices

ECE 450 (.docx)

Probabilistic Systems in Electrical Engineering-Design and Analysis

ECE 451/L (.docx)

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing and Lab

ECE 455

Mathematical Models in Electrical Engineering

ECE 460 (.docx)

Introduction to Communication Systems

ECE 460L (.docx)

Introduction to Communication Systems Lab

ECE 480 (.docx)

Fundamentals of Control Systems

ECE 480L (.docx)

Fundamentals of Control Systems Lab

ECE 492 (.docx)

Senior Design Project - Electrical I

ECE 493 (.docx)

Senior Design Project - Electrical II

ECE 501 (.docx)

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

ECE 503 (.docx)

Biomedical Instrumentation

ECE 511 (.pdf)

Distributed Energy Generation

ECE 520 (.doc)

System on Chip Design

ECE 520L (.doc)

System on Chip Design Lab

ECE 524 (.docx)

FPGA/ASIC Design and Optimization Using VHDL

ECE 524L (.docx)

FPGA/ASIC Design Optimization Using VHDL Lab

ECE 526 (.docx)

Digital Design with Verilog and System Verilog

ECE 526L (.docx)

Digital Design with Verilog and System Verilog Laboratory

ECE 527 (.docx)

Application Specific Integrated Circuit Development

ECE 527L (.pdf)

ASIC Development Lab

ECE 545 (.doc)

Solid State Devices

ECE 546 (.doc)

Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design

ECE 561 (.docx)

Digital Communications Systems

ECE 561L (.docx)

Digital Communications Systems Lab

ECE 562 (.docx)

Data Communication Networks

ECE 571 (.doc)

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves II

ECE 572 (.docx)

RF and Microwave Active Circuit Design

ECE 577 (.docx)

Microwave & Optical System Design

ECE 578 (.docx)


ECE 580 (.docx)

Digital Control Systems

ECE 581 (.docx)

Fuzzy Control

ECE 595AIC (.docx)

Analog Integrated Circuit Design

ECE 595IMP (.docx)

Image Processing

ECE 602 (.doc)

Biomedical Engineering I

ECE 603 (.doc)

Biomedical Engineering II

ECE 610 (.doc)

Fault Analysis in Power Systems

ECE 611 (.doc)

Power Distribution Systems

ECE 612 (.doc)

Selected Topics in Power Systems

ECE 620 (.doc)

Advanced Switching Theory

ECE 621 (.doc)

Computer Arithmetic Design

ECE 622 (.pdf)

Digital Systems Structure

ECE 623 (.doc)

Diagnosis and Reliable Design of Digital Systems

ECE 624 (.doc)

Digital Systems Design Automation and VHDL Modeling

ECE 625 (.doc)

Microprocessor Interfacing and Applications

ECE 635 (.doc)

Error Detecting and Correction Systems Design

ECE 637 (.doc)

Pattern Recognition

ECE 640 (.doc)

Modern Electronic Techniques

ECE 642 (.doc)

RF Engineering

ECE 648 (.pdf)

Electrical Network Theory

ECE 649 (.doc)

Active Network Synthesis

ECE 650 (.doc)

Random Processes

ECE 651 (.doc)

Digital Signal Processing I

ECE 652 (.doc)

Digital Signal Processing II

ECE 658 (.doc)

Signal Detection and Estimation Theory

ECE 659 (.doc)

Information Theory and Coding

ECE 660 (.doc)

Modulation Theory and Coding

ECE 661 (.doc)

Wireless Communications

ECE 665 (.doc)

Radar Systems

ECE 666 (.doc)

Fiber Optic Communications

ECE 666L (.pdf)

Fiber Optic Communication Lab

ECE 671 (.doc)

Microwave Engineering

ECE 672 (.doc)

Advanced Microwave Circuit Design

ECE 673 (.doc)

Microwave Semiconductor Devices

ECE 674 (.doc)

Antenna Engineering

ECE 675 (.doc)

Seminar In Applied Electromagnetics

ECE 676 (.doc)

Numerical Techniques In Applied Electromagnetics

ECE 681 (.doc)

Non-Linear Control Systems

ECE 682 (.doc)

State Variable In Automatic Control

ECE 683 (.doc)

Optimal Control

ECE 684 (.doc)

Stochastic Control

ECE 696C

Directed Graduate Research - CR/NC Only  (Supervisory Courses)

ECE 697

Directed Comprehensive Exam - CR/NC Only  (Supervisory Courses)

ECE 698C

Thesis or Graduate Project  (Supervisory Courses)

ECE 699A-C

Independent Study  (Supervisory Courses)


Digital Design with Verilog and System Verilog