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Course Substitution/Pre-approvals

Course Substitutions/Pre-approvals

Effective August 22nd, 2014, the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department only accepts course substitution requests from matriculated students (those currently enrolled in a CSUN degree program) who must repeat a course for their third attempt at CSUN, or in cases where they have exhausted their grade forgiveness and averaging units.

ECE Students are permitted to take lower division, articulated courses without the need for pre-approval.  Course substitution forms are not required for articulated course as these will be automatically incorporated into the students DPR (Degree Progress Report) after an official transcript is provided to and processed by the Office of Admissions and Records.  For a list of articulated courses, please visit Assist.org (https://www.assist.org/).

A student runs the riskof having his/her course substitution request denied if it was not pre-approved.  After the course has been taken, official transcripts must be submitted to Admissions & Records to be entered on the student's Degree Progress Report (DPR).

The ECE Department does not accept online courses. The minimum grade for a transfer course in the major program is a C. Courses that are not yet on the DPR will not be reviewed for substitution.

These policies supersede the College of Engineering and Computer Science pre-approval requirement.

Course substitutions are processed by the student’s major department. If the course being substituted is a course offered by the ECE Department, then the Department Chair will review the course but the substitution will not be processed by the ECE Department.

Courses which transfer automatically appear in their respective sections on the DPR (see illus. 1).

The example below shows that the course was taken at LAVC and meets the CSUN requirement for “Analytical Reading and Expository Writing”.


Courses that require manual course substitution requests are listed at the end of the DPR under "Additional Courses Which Count Toward Total Units Required For A Degree" (Illus. 2)


If, upon review of the DPR, the student identifies courses that could possibly be substituted for a CSUN requirement, he or she needs to provide the following documentation with a completed Course Substitution Request form (link). Label and highlight all the courses and other pertinent information when submitting supporting documents.

The following supporting documents are required to accompany the Course Substitution form:


Printout of Assist.org report if the institution has an articulation agreement with CSUN.


  • If there is no articulation agreement, submit a catalog course description of the course/s taken at the other university. Provide it in a format that clearly shows that the descriptions were from an accredited university. Do not copy and paste.
  • Include catalog course description of any prerequisite course/s for the course being substituted. 
  • If the course was pre-approved, submit a copy of the course description that the Department Chair signed before the student took the course.
  • DPR reflecting the course/s and the passing grade/s.


Fill out the substitution form completely. A contact number must be included to allow the Department to reach the student as necessary. Provide the course and institution information exactly as it appears on the DPR (illus. 3). 

Once the completed form and all the supporting documents have been substituted to the ECE Department, the Department Chair will review the course/s and make a decision to deny or approve as appropriate. Substitutions for majors other than Electrical or Computer Engineering will be returned to the student’s major department.