Special Education

Office of Special Education Programs Awards Grant to Project REACH IT

September 27, 2023


Congratulations to Sami Toews and Fatmana Deniz with Amy Hanreddy for winning an OSEP grant for Project REACH IT. Project REACH IT has four goals: 1) recruit, retain, and increase the percentage of multilingual, racially and ethnically diverse teachers to address the shortage of special educators prepared to serve students with high intensity needs; 2) prepare scholars to develop leadership skills to promote access and serve students with high-intensity needs within inclusive settings; 3) prepare skilled teachers to implement individualized, evidence-based, and culturally sustaining practices to support diverse students with high-intensity needs and their families; and 4) prepare scholars who are self-determined reflective teachers through practice, feedback, and reflection and who foster self-determination skills in students with high-intensity needs.