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Thursday, March 21, 2024

8:00 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
What’s New in Google Accessibility Perrin Anto
Jonathan Bernal
Cynthia Shelly

9:20 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Inclusive eLearning Content by Design Sumeet Agrawal Elite 1-3
The Digital Drawing WYSIWYG Editor for Blind Users is Here Brandon Biggs Grand CD
Driving Innovation for Pixel Accessibility Oliver Warfield
Mei Lu
Lingeng Wang
Sanjay Batra
Enhanced Vision Assistance: Leveraging AI in Lookout Sejal D'Souza Grand AB
Help Solve Climate Change with Digital Accessibility Jennifer Strickland Orange County 1-2
Deploying an All-Inclusive, Accessible Document Strategy Dave Herr Platinum 3 (ALLYANT)
ISinkwe: An Application That Synchronises Text and Audio Rynhardt Kruger Platinum 1
Inclusive Personas: Everyday Stories. Identifying User Needs Sarah Schaidt Platinum 8
DCMP & Fred Rogers Productions: Sign Language at Scale Kyle Sisk
Erin Dodson
Jason Stark
Platinum 7
Website Document Accessibility and Compliance Ligia Mora Grand JK
Connected Communities: Technologies to Foster Aging at Home Marla Calder
Krista MacMillan
Emma Croken
Orange County 3-4
Automating Accessibility: Tying A11Y to Your Build Pipeline David Martin
Kenneth Bigler
Sabu Philip
Grand GH
Beyond the Button: Making Complex Interfaces Accessible Ian Lloyd Platinum 5 (VISPERO)

10:20 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Advancements in Indoor Wayfinding Kelly Lovett
Michael May
John-Ross Rizzo
Elite 1-3
The OKO Application, AI Powered Navigation Michiel Janssen Grand CD
Tactonom Reader - The New Way to Learn Klaus-Peter Hars Platinum 2
Design and Optimization of Assistive Ultrasonic Echolocation Ian Reynolds
Santani Teng
Platinum 1
We The People: Make the World Accessible, 1 Video at a Time Ken Rybarczyk Grand AB
Focus at Work: New Research on Cognitive Accessibility Christina Chang Platinum 8
Introducing ATDD: Accessibility Test-Driven Development Yossi Synett Orange County 3-4
Easy Checks for Digital Accessibility Andrew Arch
Shawn Henry
Kevin White
Orange County 1-2
Enhancing Zoom Accessibility for DeafBlind, Deaf & Blind/LV Wendy Chouinard Grand JK
Empowering Inclusivity: JAWS and Web Standards Collaboration Brett Lewis
Roxana Fischer
Five Screen Reader Accessibility Tests You Should Always Do Charlie Pike Platinum 5 (VISPERO)
Accessible Procurement in a University Setting Laura Fathauer
Sean Poley
Danielle Snyder
Platinum 7
ProcureEnsure: Simple Accessible Procurement for Education Ryan Wieland Platinum 3 (ALLYANT)
Make Your Home More Accessible with Amazon Devices Swati Ghosh Platinum 4 (AMAZON)
Lessons Learned from Mobile App Accessibility Testing Rachele DiTullio Grand GH

11:20 AM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Using AI to Create Image Descriptions in High Stakes Testing Allyson Vignola
Vijayshree Vethantham
Elite 1-3
Learning Through Play with LEGO Braille Bricks Marc Angelier
Marie Oddoux
Grand AB
Explore iOS Low Vision Tools for Education and Daily Life Bianca Yacoub Grand CD
Using Innovative Tools to Reinforce Skills Independently Willow Free
Sarah Welch
Platinum 2
CADET: Free Captioning and Description Tool Madeleine Rothberg
Beth Decker
Bryan Gould
Orange County 1-2
Microsoft vs Google: A11y Comparison of Docs and Slides Terrill Thompson
Gaby de Jongh
Hadi Rangin
Grand JK
Beyond Compliance: 3 Techniques for Better Infographics Dax Castro Platinum 8
Accessible Online Writing - Drafting, Feedback, & Submission Rachel Comerford
Crista Earl
Orange County 3-4
Real-Time Accessible Materials for Students Jeff Jullion Platinum 6 (BROADCAST STUDIO)
How to Standardize Accessibility Testing Carlos Cordero Platinum 4 (AMAZON)
Accessibility Innovations at Sony PlayStation Brian Parsons Grand GH
Accessibility Maturity Model for Sustainable Accessibility Kate Wilhelm
Sambhavi Chandrashekar
Platinum 1
Helping Organizations Grow Accessibility Maturity David Sloan
Anne Scallan
Platinum 5 (VISPERO)
Community Media Pathway to Opportunity Dave Williams Platinum 7

1:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Automating Keyboard Accessibility Testing Aaron Schneider
Platinum 4 (AMAZON)
Which AI Models Create Accurate Alt Text for Picture Books? Quan (Monica) Zhou
Nathan Samarasena
Kyle Han
Nataly López
Stacy Branham
Platinum 1
Redefining Expectations with Optima Adi Kushnir
Venkatesh Chari
Grand CD
2023 State of Automatic Speech Recognition Elisa Lewis Elite 1-3
European Accessibility Act: Game Changer for Accessible Books Elisa Molinari
Richard Orme
Platinum 2
Ups and Downs of Building Accessibility Program from Scratch Yulia Sarviro
Kelsey Hall
Grand JK
Explore the Power of Accessible Open-Source Reporting Tool Nichole Bui
Marcelo Paiva
Sarah Massengale
Orange County 3-4
Two Paths to Mobile App Accessibility Success for E-Commerce Ryan Wieland Platinum 3 (ALLYANT)
Thoughtful Design for Inclusive Spaces and Playgrounds Olenka Villarreal
Ted Drake
Platinum 8
New Accessibility Platform "Chatty Library" Katsuhito Yamaguchi
Toshihiko Komada
Orange County 1-2
Shifting the Vision of Accessibility Support in Higher Ed Eric Davis
Ann Loomis
Maha Ghosn
Zahra Sotoudeh
Platinum 7
Accessibility Issues in Education Lesley Farmer
Rachel Kruzel
Kyle Shachmut
Kathryn Tipton
Shifting Accessibility Lefter Gerard Cohen Grand GH
An Accessibility Scan of the Web Aaron Farber Platinum 5 (VISPERO)
WeWALK Next-Gen with Artificial Intelligence Mobility Jean Marc Feghali
Gokhan Mericliler
Grand AB

2:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
Designing a Research Learning Community: AAC Social Samuel Sennott Platinum 1
New for the Low-Vision Classroom Jeff Gardner Platinum 2
The Monarch Tactile Display – Where Are We Now? Greg Stilson
Willow Free
Andrew Flatres
Grand CD
Advancing Accessibility in Computer Programming Education Katrina Best
Lydia Smith
Grand AB
Simplifying Accessible Data Visualizations Ted Gies
Øystein Moseng
Marita Vindedal
Grand JK
NVDA 2024: New and Upcoming Features Quentin Christensen
James Boreham
Sean Budd
Orange County 1-2
Are Quality Customer Experiences for the Deaf Possible? Vannessa LeBoss
Craig Radford
Platinum 8
Building More Accessible Web Applications with Cloudscape Samantha Barry
Akanksha Garg
Marwa Abdalrazeq
Platinum 4 (AMAZON)
CSUN's MS in Assistive Technology Studies & Human Services S. Victoria Jaque Platinum 7
Unlocking the Impact of WCAG 2.2 on Electronic Documents for Education Dave Herr Platinum 3 (ALLYANT)
Data Table Accessibility Beyond WCAG 2.1 A and AA Criteria Emily Hooser
Daniel Zapata
Grand GH
Empowering Women’s Health with Accessible Technology Dana Marlowe
Sharon Rosenblatt
Orange County 3-4
Behind the Scenes of Product Decision-Making Roxana Fischer
Rachel Buchanan
Platinum 5 (VISPERO)
Research Trends Gregg Vanderheiden
Raja Kushalnagar
Takahiro Miura
Klaus Miesenberger
Transforming Language Access for Deaf Patients in Healthcare Roshan Mathew Elite 1-3

3:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
AI-Powered Web Shape to Braille for the Visually Impaired Maryam Etezad
Chelsea Parlett
Orange County 3-4
Unlocking Horizons: Vision Challenges, Virtual Empowerment Drew Metzger
Dylan Buhain
Grand CD
BARD Express for Windows: Browse, Manage, & Play BARD Books Zhi Huang
Donald Olson
Platinum 2
An Introduction to CViConnect PRO: Data-Driven Interventions Stephanie Steffer Grand AB
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Choosing Accessible Authoring Tools Michael Parker Grand JK
Optimizing High-Volume PDF Processes with Automation for Governments & NPOs Paul Rayius Platinum 3 (ALLYANT)
Preparing for Global Accessibility Regulations Kevin White
Philip Rizcallah
Brandon Johnson
Scaling Accessibility: LCMS Adoption Insights Murray Inman
Monica Castellano
Platinum 7
The Technology First Transformation - Are You Ready? Laura Mitchell
Brian Hart
Elite 1-3
Analytical Approach to the Government-Wide Annual Assessment Kristen Smith-O'Connor
Alex (Dandy) Wilson
Michael Horton
Timothy Creagan
Orange County 1-2
Perspectives on Phone Use from People with Limited Dexterity Lauren Winston
Kristi Saney
Platinum 1
Building Accessible Mobile Products: Google's Learnings Perrin Anto Platinum 8
Accessible Typography, Fonts, Text, and More Jared Smith Grand GH
The Accessibility of User Consents Alicia Evans Platinum 5 (VISPERO)

4:20 PM PDT

Session Presenter(s) Location
AI and A11y: Threats, Opportunities, and the Road Ahead Claudio Vera Elite 1-3
Introduction to the Accessibility Requirements Tool (ART) Michael Horton Grand JK
Experiences from Starting an Accessibility Advisory Council Terri Fellers
Greg Aikens
Grand AB
Project Manager/Product Owner- Crucial Roles in Accessibility Jeff Adams
Michele Lucchini
Grand GH
Annual State of Digital Accessibility Report: Key Insights Tim Springer Orange County 1-2
Digital Accessibility for Older Adults Leilani Mason Platinum 5 (VISPERO)
ProcureEnsure: Simple Accessible Procurement for Government Aaron Page Platinum 3 (ALLYANT)
Creating and Annotating a Forced Colors Design System Jesse Hausler
Omar Bonilla
Platinum 8
Making Bluebook Accessible for High-Stakes Tests Jason Megginson
Greg Bales
Platinum 7
CSUNATC24 Daily Wrap-Up: Thursday at the Conference Mike Paciello
Dave Gardy
Simplifying Mobile Accessibility Chris McMeeking Orange County 3-4
Ableism in Research Ethics Applications in Canada Mahadeo Sukhai
Ana Sofia Barrows
Platinum 1