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39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

May 2023


The 2023 Conference was a week to remember and we are excited to announce that the 2024 Conference Website has launched! Learn about presenting and consider the sponsoring, exhibiting and marketing opportunities available for 2024. Don't miss your chance to share and learn about innovation and inclusion with the CSUN Conference community. Check back often for more updates and start your planning today!


Keynote Speaker Mike Paciello shares his thoughts on the 2023 CSUN Conference:

"'CSUN is back!' echoed throughout the CSUNATC 2023 conference halls and meeting areas. Attendance is way up, CSUNATC.TV and the Birds of a Feather sessions were big hits with attendees; emerging assistive technologies splattered the exhibit halls and showcase suites. Looking forward to next year's conference with great expectations — CSUN is back, baby! It's back!!"

If you participated in the 2023 Conference, you know how electric it felt to learn and engage with the community. We have put together select content from 2023 to access online. Check out some of the things you may have missed, and we will continue to highlight the "Best of CSUN" over the next few months.

Our Best of CSUN for the month of May includes the Featured Presentation by Ted Drake and Jennison Asuncion on CSUN's Legacy, the Journal Award-winning presentation, "ASL Consent in the Digital Informed Consent Process," and the session "Together Again: AT for Travel and Inclusive Events."


Join other industry leaders and show your deep commitment to the community at the premier assistive technology conference. Secure dynamic sponsorship, exhibiting, and marketing options that provide you with a platform to showcase your vision, innovations, technology, and services for the inclusion of all. Learn more about our Conference Opportunities, find what best matches your needs, and customize your participation. Commit early to take advantage of exclusive opportunities!

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Today marks the 12th Anniversary of GAAD!  Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion founded the day to inspire inclusion and digital access conversations. What conversations are you leading about digital accessibility and inclusion? Tweet us and let us know! Learn more about GAAD activities and events.