• 39th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference - March 18-22, 2024 at the Anaheim Marriott

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Featured Presentations

We are excited to have daily featured presentations to start your day. Featured presentations will occur in Platinum 6 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM on their respective day.

Those unable to join us in Platinum 6 can view them via livestream on CSUNATC TV.

Wednesday, March 20 - KPIs for Accessibility

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for accessibility are important because they provide organizations with a quantifiable and measurable way to track their progress in making their digital products accessible. By defining and monitoring accessibility KPIs, organizations can prioritize accessibility efforts, allocate resources effectively, and hold themselves accountable for providing equitable access to all users. Without KPIs, it becomes challenging to gauge the impact of accessibility initiatives and ensure that they are making a meaningful difference. International WCAG standards can help you audit a product that is live, but due to the complexity and costs of audits, the knowledge required to audit, and the fast pace of modern development, they aren’t the most feasible metrics to measure progress on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Fable's work with large organizations on inclusive product development has shed light on the metrics that truly matter when it comes to accessibility. Fable has identified KPIs that are both meaningful and adaptable to diverse types of teams. These KPIs go beyond mere compliance with accessibility standards and regulations, focusing on how product teams work. This practical approach empowers organizations to make informed decisions, prioritize what’s working, pivot on what isn’t, and create digital experiences that are truly inclusive for all users.

Presenters: TBD

Thursday, March 21 - What’s New in Google Accessibility

The "What's new in Google Accessibility" session will provide attendees with a comprehensive and informative overview of Google's latest accessibility features and initiatives, covering a wide range of products, features, and research. This session is a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in accessibility and to hear about Google's commitment to making its products and services accessible to everyone.

Perrin Anto, Google

Perrin Anto is a UX Lead at Google, jamming on accessibility across Android, Pixel, and Google Research. He leads a small yet mighty UX team that focuses on mobile assistive tech (Live Transcribe, Live Caption, TalkBack, Reading Mode, to name a few) and AI-focused accessibility moonshots (sign language understanding, personalized speech recognition). Previously, he worked on accessibility for Google Workspace and Google Cloud’s design system.

Perrin studied Computer Science at Columbia University, Design Computing at the University of Sydney, and Summer Venture in Management Program at Harvard Business School. Coming from a low-income and disability-impacted household, he’s always been passionate about driving social good through tech innovations.

Jonathan Bernal, Google

Jonathan is a Colombian-Canadian tech entrepreneur and engineer passionate about making technology accessible to everyone. He has previously designed NextGen features for Polaris vehicles, co-founded his own IoT startup, and launched the first Surface Duo product lines to market, along with additional Surface flagship products at Microsoft. These experiences have taught him a lot about what it takes to succeed and fail in tech. He is currently a Product Manager at Google, where he is disrupting the Assistive Technology Space and productizing cutting-edge AI/ML.

Cynthia Shelly, Google

Cynthia leads the Product team for Accessibility across Chrome and ChromeOS. She has been involved in web, browser and operating system Accessibility for many years, in roles spanning product, engineering, standards and strategy at Google, Microsoft and Starbucks. She is a long-time participant in W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, where she was part of the Working Groups that created WCAG and ARIA.

Friday, March 22 - Making the Case for Inclusive Innovation

Learn how each of the presenters has embedded inclusive innovation and design into their set functions from the start of the product and design lifecycles and how that has positively changed our innovation narrative. This includes embedding digital accessibility into the design practice, inclusive innovation into innovation frameworks and innovation objectives, and communication strategies that are Unexpectedly Human. Executives attending CSUN will have the ability to learn from their executive peers how to influence their leadership tables, how to utilize ESG priorities to make the case for inclusive innovation and design, and how to share through an impactful narrative.

  • Sam Estoesta, TD - Moderator
  • John Pluhowski, TD
  • Baanu Ratneswaran, TD
  • Sophie Park, TD

Broadcast Studio

  • Platinum 6
  • Tuesday, March 19 to Friday, March 22

Starting after the Keynote Address Program and running concurrently with the Conference Session schedule, Tuesday through Friday, the CSUN AT Conference hosts its Broadcast Studio consisting of livestream sessions and fireside chats. The Broadcast Studio is open to all conference attendees to join as part of the audience and is available via livestream through CSUNATC TV.

Livestream Sessions

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