• 39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference - March 18 - 22,2024 at the Anaheim Marriott

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38th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

Accommodation Services

Conference Accommodation Services

The CSUN AT Conference provides many different accommodation services upon request.  Requests should be made during the Conference Registration process and must be made by 3:00 PM PST on Thursday, March 2, 2023 to be guaranteed. Service providers will contact requestors to confirm and schedule services prior to the Conference. On-site requests are subject to availability.

Conference attendees needing additional assistance or accommodation services should inquire at either the accommodation services or customer service desks at the Conference.

Real-Time Captioning Services

This service only provides real-time captioning; no transcripts are generated for distribution.

Assisted Listening Device

 An identification card is required to check out a device.

Alternate Formats

Large print and DAISY/HTML USB drives are requested in advance during Conference registration. Attendees can download the DAISY/HTML format from the conference website. If Presenters and Exhibitors provide handouts and promotional materials, it is their responsibility to offer an alternative format.

Personal Care Attendants

Attendees who need assistance may register a Personal Care Attendant during the Conference Registration process. Personal Care Attendants may not attend any conference activities without the registered participant they are assisting. Personal Care Attendants are not personal assistants. Anyone accompanying a presenter for business-related purposes must separately register to attend the Conference.

Accessible Indoor Navigation

GoodMaps is providing indoor navigation for the Anaheim Marriott and conference. You'll need the GoodMaps Explore iOS or Android app to use GoodMaps indoor navigation.

Hotel Orientation Tour for Blind & Low Vision Attendees

A hotel orientation tour is available for first-time attendees with low or no vision. The tour is held for conference attendees to navigate the hotel lobby level and conference areas. Attendees can indicate their interest in the tour during the Conference Registration process. We ask that only those that need the accommodation indicate interest in the tour, as capacity is limited. Hotel Orientation Tour details will be emailed to interested attendees ahead of the Conference.

Dog Relief Areas

There are three dog relief areas:

Garden Rooms
At the entryway on the east side of the hotel: EXIT doors and proceed to the immediate right.
Oasis Tower Lobby
EXIT the lobby and proceed about ten feet on the left.
Platinum Ballroom One
EXIT doors directly across from Platinum One and proceed to the immediate right.

Exhibit Hall Accommodation Services

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your support in our efforts to provide services for visitors to the Exhibit Hall.


Exhibit Hall Only Attendees with Expo Visitor passes can request 20-minute periods of interpreting services. Please note that requests are based on availability and cannot be guaranteed. You may return and request services throughout the day and additional days when you visit the Exhibit Hall.

Registered conference attendees may request interpreting services for the Exhibit Hall through their accommodation request.

Sighted Guide Tours

Tour times with sighted guides will be set each day the Exhibit Hall is available to the public. Sighted guide tours are 20 minutes in length. Details and tour times can be found on the Exhibit Hall page.