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Date & Time
Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 2:20 PM PST  
Grand ABCD  

The number of AT professionals in the educational system has not increased in tandem with the need for assistive technology. When a school district has only one AT Specialist serving a high number of kids with disabilities, the workload is often unmanageable, resulting in delays in assistance for the student. Delays in services and supports will lead to students falling further behind since they are not receiving the support they need.

Frequently, teachers already have the resources they require for their students. Accessibility and applications are built into the computers, notebooks, and tablets students access within the school system or their technology toolset. However, instructors and support staff believe that the AT Specialist should introduce the tool to the kid because they are the experts. Or they think the learner needs an assessment before using a tool with them.

This session will demonstrate that building the capacity for teachers to access technology will strengthen success with AT. The teacher is often familiar with the student's strengths and challenges and may not need the support to choose tools and supports that students will see as beneficial. The concepts built into Universal Design for Learning (UDL) have made technology more accessible. It is incumbent upon the educational system to continue these concepts for access by increasing teacher confidence and knowledge base.

This workshop will discuss strategies to increase teacher capacity and facilitate their ability to make technology decisions, investigate tools, and the necessity of involving students in the process.

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Session Summary (Abstract)
This presentation explains how expanding everyone's understanding of investigating and using tools may help improve AT success. We'll discuss how to enhance your decision-making skills, how to research and test tools to determine if they meet a requirement, and why an expert isn't always required.  
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General Track  
  • Cognitive & Learning Disabilities
  • Education
  • Employment & Workplace


  • Priscilla Danielson
    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

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