Center for Teaching and Learning

The CTL’s Fall Semester Wrap-up!

December 5, 2023

The CSUN Center for Teaching and Learning had a busy fall! In addition to hosting the What Really Works in Education conference at CSUN at the end of September, the CTL also co-hosted the same conference at the University of Maine, Augusta, and at the William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia in October. Around 500 educators on the East and West Coasts were able to learn about co-teaching, inclusive, and high-leverage practices. Dr. Wendy Murawski (of CSUN) and Dr. Melissa Jenkins (of the University of Mary Washington), as the authors of the new 2024 textbook "Connecting high-leverage practices to student success: Collaboration in inclusive classrooms", were the keynotes at each of the 3 conferences. 

Dr. Murawski was also asked to keynote the Twice-Exceptional Teacher Education International Hybrid Conference held at Cleveland State University (Ohio) and the Q10 Conference in Los Angeles. 

The CTL published the CTL on the Cutting Edge research brief in November. This publication promoted the work of Dr. Dominic Grasso and his work with the LA Times Literacy Center at CSUN. 

The CTL also published its peer-reviewed international newsletter, TCARE. This particular issue also focused on high-leverage and inclusive practices. We are pleased to highlight CSUN professors who were published in this 15th issue: Dr. Sami Toews, Dr. Amy Hanreddy, and Dr. Dominic Grasso. The CTL encourages other CSUN faculty to submit their practitioner-focused articles for consideration. Next semester's theme will be: Assistive Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Education. Submissions will be due by February 28, 2024. 

Dr. Wendy Murawski, CTL Endowed Chair, also spent much of last Fall collaborating internationally with co-teaching researchers in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark. She presented in Switzerland this Fall to the University of Zürich, the University of St. Gallen, and the International School of Basel. In addition to her new book on High-Leverage Practices, Dr. Murawski also published a book for Swedish educators through Studentliteratur (Swedish publisher). This book was co-authored with a Swedish school principal and a Welsh professor and is called "Lärearens verktygslåda: Praktiska strategier för att hantera mångfalden i klassrummet." (The Teachers’ toolkit: Thirty tools for your top ten challenges. Practical strategies to manage the diverse classroom). The book has since been picked up by an American publisher (Corwin Press) and will be out next year in the USA. She has also co-authored a book on Co-Teaching and UDL in Danish Schools which comes out with Dafolo Publisher in 2024.

The CTL continues to manage many professional development contracts with local school districts around topics such as Universal Design for Learning, Specially Designed Instruction, Co-Teaching, Assessment, and Literacy Strategies. Dr. Wendy Murawski and Mr. Steve Holle, the CTL’s Professional Development Coordinator, even met with Superintendent Baca from LAUSD North to discuss opportunities for collaboration between CSUN & LAUSD (picture attached). In addition, the CTL also manages numerous SIMPACT Immersive Learning contracts with schools, universities and organizations nationally and internationally.