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The Neurodevelopment Project is designed to incorporate neurodevelopmental (ND) methodology in teacher education, enhancing the preparation of teachers to recognize and address individual learning differences of all K-12 students. The project encompasses pre-service and in-service activities, reinforcing the philosophy of the Center for Teaching and Learning that professional development is a continuum. It entails internal collaboration among CSUN faculty, in addition to external collaboration between university and K-12 personnel. The goal for teachers is to effectively develop customized plans by creating profiles (strengths/weaknesses) and implementing strategies (accommodation/ interventions) that relate directly to individual students.

Neurodevelopmental methodology has been implemented through the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Preparation Program at CSUN, a one year, full time graduate program for elementary-secondary and special education teacher candidates. Ultimately, the ND Project will result in a training model to facilitate dissemination and replication.


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