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Connecting Cultures

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The Connecting Cultures Project for Elementary Education Teachers is the result of a recent CSUN-based study (Rothstein-Fisch & Zgourou, in preparation) demonstrating that pre-service teachers appreciate the framework of individualism and collectivism as a way to understand cultural value conflicts between home and schools. In evaluating a workshop on the framework of individualism and collectivism, pre-service teachers cited the value of examples of real-life elementary teachers who used the framework in their classes, but wanted to know more about can create more harmony between home and school for culturally diverse students. Specifically, this project is centered around creating more examples of how to connect cultures that all educators can take into their classrooms and schools, moving the theory into their practice.


Managing Diverse Classrooms book cover

Managing Diverse Classrooms: How can educators take advantage of students cultural traits to improve classroom management, student performance, and school-parent relations? Carrie Rothstein-Fisch and Elise Trumbull answer these and many other questions by drawing on the experience and collective wisdom of teachers in the Connecting Cultures Project.

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