• 2015 Commissioned Second Lieutenants group photo

    Congratulations 2018 Second Lieutenants

  • Cadets of UCLA ROTC Battalion posing for a picture

    Bruin Battalion Fall LDX

  • Cadets walking and holding dummy rifles, Ranger Challenge Team

    Ranger Challenge Competition

  • Cadets after Physical training and Cadet plotting land navigation on a map
  • Cadet getting pushed off jumping board with dummy rifle and Cadets at obstacle course


Typical Schedule 

Monday – Wednesday: 0600-0700 Physical Training at CSUN’s dirt track and rubber track. 

Wednesday: Military Science Class

    • MS I: 0800-0850 (Foundations of Officership, Basic Military Leadership, Leadership Development, Individual Leadership)
    • MS II: 0900-1050 (Leadership Development and Military Planning, Subordinate Development and Army Organization)
    • MS III: 0800-1050 (U.S. Military History, Tactical Planning and Analysis, Army Officership and Communication)
    • MS IV: 0800-1150 (Leadership, Management, Ethics, and Military Law,  Professional Military Leadership)

Thursday: Leadership Labs 0600-0930. (Apply leadership techniques and military skills taught in classroom and to develop confidence as future military officers.)

Events: 3-day Field Training Exercise (FTX), Military Ball, Dining In. 

Additional Summer Training (Qualified Cadets): Airborne School, Air Assault School, Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET), Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP), Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT).