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College Students

Incoming Students 

Even if you did not get a chance to apply for a scholarship in HS, you can still sign up for Army ROTC by registering for the Military Science 101 Class and the Military Science Lab.

If you are already enrolled at CSUN or a partnership university, you still can still receive an Army ROTC Scholarship.

Scholarship awards to current students are based on the funds available for the current Fiscal Year and vary year to year. However, our students are generally very competitive for scholarship dollars when they become available. If you sign up for ROTC and do well in the training program as well as in your academic classes, chances are good that you will be submitted for a scholarship.

Students can opt for an non-scholarship contract to still contract as a Cadet and still become a commissioned Second Lieutenant. Non-scholarship Cadets only receive the monthly stipend. 

If you are a current Freshman or Sophomore, or if you have at least two full years of graduate work left, it is not too late to sign up for Army ROTC! Even if you missed the add-drop window to register for a military science class, you can still sign up for the program through our department and start taking part in training events. To start taking part in our events today, please contact our office during normal business hours.

Additional Training

In order to make up for some of the material you may have missed during the first year or two of ROTC, you will likely attend Cadet Command’s Leader Training Course in Fort Knox, Kentucky: a 30 day Army summer camp where you will learn the basics of military discipline and military leadership. Other cadets with credits to spare, opt to take multiple Military Science Classes at once in order to catch up.

Specialty Scholarships

In addition to traditional Army ROTC Scholarships, which place no restrictions on the students major, there are specialty scholarships for students majoring in a critical Foreign Language, Science, Math or Engineering. There are also scholarships for nursing majors.