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Los 'millennials' podrían hacer la diferencia

Se considera que si los millennials salen a votar serán un factor importante para el triunfo, e incluso la amplitud del triunfo de Hillary Clinton. La doctora en Ciencia Política, María Rosa García Acevedo, de la Universidad de California Northridge, considera que los jóvenes se inclinan por Hillary Clinton. “No he visto en el campus a jóvenes que traigan alguna propaganda en sus mochilas en apoyo a Donald Trump, como lo hacían con Bernie Sanders. Tal vez sin el entusiasmo que despertaba Sanders, pero están mayoritariamente con Hillary. En un salón con 250 estudiantes, no más del 20 por ciento sería partidario de Trump.” -- El Universal (Spanish)

ASU professor teaches class without speaking a word

After withdrawing from a private business school where he majored in economics, Quinn enrolled in Cal State Northridge. This school had a large deaf population and Quinn decided to take sign language simply because it looked like fun. Immediately, he found that he could sign without evening having to think about it. He then earned his bachelor’s degree in deaf studies and became an interpreter. At the same time, he applied to graduate programs in audiology in hopes of becoming the one of the first audiologists who could sign. -- AZ Big Media

Denise Gale on Painting: Complete Chaos, Layer by Layer

As a child she was always drawing or painting, but her focus on art intensified when her parents separated and she moved with her father to Los Angeles. She took art classes at Los Angeles Valley Junior College, then earned a B.F.A. at California State University at Northridge. One of her teachers was Mr. Plagens. “I asked him where people were making art, and he took me on a studio tour of downtown Pasadena.” Before long, she found a vacant space and connected with the Los Angeles art scene that was flourishing in Pasadena at the time. -- The East Hampton Star

New police chief named

The CSU Northridge grad spent the first six years of his career as a deputy sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He joined the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in 1994, working as a deputy at the Branch Jail Honor Farm near Ojai. -- Camarillo Acorn

Omar and Argelia Share With and Help Out Audience

Now Velasco is giving back. Starting next year he will offer two scholarships of $2,500 each to two “Dreamer” students from San Fernando High School who attend CSUN. -- San Fernando Valley Sun

7 Mental Tricks to Help You Crush Every Workout

“Positive self-talk reinforces your confidence and boosts your energy so you won’t quit when you feel tired or challenged,” says Nick Galli, an assistant professor of sports psychology at California State University at Northridge. -- True Viral News

It's Not Too Late to Save the Stacks

Off-site automated storage and retrieval systems for libraries have been around for awhile. The first institution to install such a system was California State University at Northridge, in its Oviatt Library, in 1991. -- The Chronicle of Higher Education