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Adjusting to a change in scenery

Now, Fitzsimmons is adapting to a new setup and a new climb up the ladder as she begins her freshman year competing for the Division I Cal State Northridge women’s soccer team. -- Taft Midway Driller

Stay Fuelled Up No Matter What With These Quick Hacks

Self-doubt can be a powerful saboteur. So change the dialogue. “Positive self-talk reinforces your confidence and boosts your energy so you won’t stop when you feel tired or challenged,” says Nick Galli, an assistant professor of sports psychology at California State University at Northridge. Science agrees: a recent meta-analysis by Greek researchers found that positive affirmations can boost performance. Please share this article by using the link below. -- Men's Health

8 Habits Couples Therapists Say Can End A Marriage

We’re not into gender stereotyping, but experts widely agree that men tend to have more difficulty with a skill called "accepting influence," which means having an ability to understand your significant other’s perspective, even if you don’t agree with it. Experts think that guys struggle more to develop this skill because ladies tend to be more empathetic, thanks to the biological and neurological differences between the two genders. But just because it’s harder to do doesn’t mean it should be ignored. In fact, "marriages in which men don’t accept influence from their wives are at a much higher risk for divorce," says Diane Gehart, professor of marriage and family therapy at California State University, Northridge. Research from the Gottman Institute even found that when men don’t do this, their marriage has an 81 percent chance of failing. (Yikes.) But just because men are usually the ones to struggle in this department doesn’t mean the ladies get off scot-free. Men inherently want to feel understood too (it ties into their need to feel respected by their partner), so both parties should try to walk in the others’ shoes when working on a problem. -- True Viral News

How 2 people helped double the number of burglaries at Cal State LA in 2015

About 28,000 students attend the university. Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Northridge, which have about 40,000 students each, reported 12 and 15 burglaries last year, respectively. USC reported 29 burglaries at its University Park campus last year, while UCLA reported 43. Both universities have about 43,000 students each. -- Whittier Daily News