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Free Class offered on "Water-Wise" Ways for the Home Garden

Knowing that up to 70 percent of residential water is used for landscaping, it's no surprise that conscientious homeowners are looking for efficient irrigation methods to minimize water waste, and lower household water bills. -- North Valley Community Connection

'Potato Cartel' Drove Up Prices Nearly 50 Percent

According to an analysis by CSUN business law professor Melanie Stallings Williams and her colleagues, from 2004 to 2012, this “potato cartel” was able to significantly increase prices “with an average nationwide overcharge of 30 percent for fresh potatoes and 48.7 percent for Russet potatoes at the point of shipping, and 24.4 percent for fresh potatoes and 36.5 percent for Russet potatoes at the wholesale level.” -- Extra Crispy

Switching careers doesn’t have to be hard: Charting jobs that are similar to yours

Meanwhile, employers hire based on credentials that job applicants can't change — a college degree or previous job title — rather than assessing the skills an applicant has developed, said Mr. Auguste, who was an economic adviser in the Obama administration. He said the approach should instead be, "If you learned it at Harvard or Cal State Northridge or on the job as a secretary or in the Navy or as a volunteer, awesome." -- CNBC