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"Potato Cartel" Forced Unsuspecting Americans To Pay Higher Prices For Fries

According to a study done by California State University—Northridge business law professor Melanie Williams, potato farmers across the United States from 2004-2012 formed a collective, limiting their yearly potato crop output, which indirectly raised the price of potato related food consumed by the general public. -- FoodBeast

Switching Careers Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Meanwhile, employers hire based on credentials that job applicants can’t change–a college degree or previous job title–rather than assessing the skills an applicant has developed, said Mr. Auguste, who was an economic adviser in the Obama administration. He said the approach should instead be, “If you learned it at Harvard or Cal State Northridge or on the job as a secretary or in the Navy or as a volunteer, awesome.” -- TFI Daily News

Working on Your Side Hustle? Here Are 3 Habits to Be More Productive.

Research from scientists at California State University, Northridge and Columbia University shows that the clothes we wear influence the way we feel and think. In the five studies they conducted, they found that wearing formal clothing enhanced cognitive processing. -- News Times - CT

Report: ‘Potato cartel forced Americans to pay higher prices for their fries’

US potato-grower cooperatives in the early 2000’s deployed drones and scanned satellite images as they colluded to reduce the amount of potatoes grown across the country in an effort to increase their profits, according to a report by California State University, Northridge business law professor Melanie Stallings Williams. -- Potato News Today

Three Bay Area Colleges Ranked Best In California: Report

Check out the full list of top ten 4-year colleges in California. 1. California State University-Long Beach 2. California State University-Fullerton 3. California State University-Fresno 4. San Diego State University 5. California State University-Northridge -- NBC Bay Area

American Photographer John Kouns Donates Photo Collection to CSUN

His images document history as it is being made. They portray people struggling for workers’ rights, for civil rights and for social justice. They portray people who hoped for a better future for their country.American photographer John Kouns spent years documenting two of the most important social movements of the 1960s and 1970s in America — the civil rights struggle in the South and the workers’ and civil rights struggle of the United Farm Workers in California. A self-described “concerned photographer,” Kouns’ images open an intimate window to the work of the anonymous history makers behind these movements. --

CSUN’s Thompson Nominee for 2017 NCAA Woman of the Year

Former CSUN Women’s Soccer student-athlete Nicole Thompson has been selected as a Big West Conference nominee for the 2017 NCAA Woman of the Year award. Thompson is one of two Big West Conference honorees nominated for the award and one of 145 total conference nominees. -- SCV News

Three Exhibition Games Scheduled for CSUN Soccer

California State University Northridge Matadaors fall competition schedule is just a week away. The Matadors have three exhibition games that are free for all fans at Matador Soccer Field, so come on out and get to know the reigning Big West Champion men’s and women’s soccer teams before the regular season begins. -- SCV News

Eight-run outburst boosts Hot Rods over Lugnuts

“Definitely the off-speed pitches for him were working really well and that makes the fastball look even hotter,” Ruiz said of Rosenberg, a ninth-round pick in the 2016 draft out of Cal-State Northridge. “Even though he was throwing 90, 91, when you have that kind of off-speed pitch it’s going to look like he’s throwing 100.” -- Bowling Green Daily News - KY