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Summer Interdisciplinary Team Experience

Google Earth - Google Maps Resources

Image: Flag of California

Links and Resources

Below is a table containing links to some of the Google Earth/Maps/Docs resources presented by Dr. Graves.

Google Earth and Maps are useful for a number of data display and presentation needs. Each application is limited in its ability to help you do analysis. Software known as Geographic Information Systems or (GIS) has a host of analytical tools. Earth Scientists, and indeed civil engineers should learn how to use GIS. There are many job opportunities for those with a mastery of this software.

Table of Resources for Google Earth

Table of Resources

Google Earth Files

Google Doc Files Links

Basic Introduction to Google Earth (video)

Spreadsheet Mapper
Link to a google spreadsheet formatted to populate a Google Earth/Map
It can create a point map from a list of addresses or latitude/longitude coordinates supplied by the user.

Sample Point (Sierra Hall)
.kmz file - opens in Google Earth
Sample Google Form
(can be used to generate data for Spreadsheet Mapper)
Google Earth placemarker description template 
(.doc file with .html template)
Sample Polygon (CSUN Campus)
.kmz file - opens in Google Earth
Link to Google Spreadsheet
(used in Geography 107 to create Wiki-Map of students favorite restaurants)
Google Earth placemarker description template 
(Adobe .pdf format with instructions for you to view)

Sample Lines (walk to lunch) (commute)
.kmz file - opens in Google Earth

A Google Docs based Geocoding Formula
(will turn addresses into lat/long coordinates)
Google Earth placemarker description template (.jpeg picture format with instructions for you to view)
Tour of Valley Area '80s Movie Sites
.kmz file - opens in Google Earth
Link to "track" of hike at Leo Carillo State Park
from GPS coordinates; can be uploaded into Google Earth

Overlay Map of California Indian Tribes
 (Kroeber's Original-very good)
.kmz file - opens in Google Earth
This file was first a .jpeg that was imported into Google Earth

Historical Landmarks in Los Angeles County
.kmz file

Wil open in Google Earth
Sample of the type of interesting, visually appealing file one can create

Previous class labs:

Link to a Google Earth exercise in which students use multiple layers to deduce the best location in Los Angeles for health science instruction.

Link to a class project using Google Earth/Maps and the Spreadsheet Mapper (above) to create a map-based directory of resources of folks with autism in the Inland Empire

. The leading GIS software is ESRI (for Environmental Systems Research Institute). Their flagship product is called ArcMap. They have come late to the world of online mapping, but their products have some advantages (and some disadvantages) compared to Google Earth. These tools have much greater support and higher-end capabilities, but they are less widely known than Google Earth/maps. The ESRI products will open .kmz (Google) files and display them. They will also open and display files from ArcMap (the desktop mapping application) and even some other files, like .csv.

There are a number of valuable shared files, produced by government agencies and academic sources through ESRI online.

The ESRI products do not have the same easy-to-use 3D capabilities that can be useful in Google Earth.

ESRI features two similar web mapping tools Viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online.

Table of Resources for ArcMap and Arc Explorer

Table of Resources

ESRI Products

ESRI Files Links
Basic Introduction Video Fault Line Map .kmz for all notable infrastructure and quake history for Riverside County
ArcGIS Online
(free accounts available)

Shake Map for Palm Springs Region (.kml file)
may open automatically in Google Earth
Copy link location and open in Arc Online Application

.kmz for Potential Ground Velocity in 7.8 Scenario

ArcGIS Explorer Online

Radio Stations near Banning Pass
Zipped Files for ESRI products
.kmz for Potential Ground Accerlation in a 7.8 Scenario
Arc GIS Explorer
(Free Google Earth-like desktop application)
  .kmz for potential wind energy in Riversided County



Other download sites:

US Census Bureau: Tiger Files - A HUGE resource for map files regarding, many, many topics.

USGS Shake Maps (North Palm Springs, 1986)

OpenSHA : Seismic Hazard Mapping Applications

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