Spring 2016 Secondary Teaching Information Session
February 26, 2016, 10:00 AM, Live Oak 1322 (computer lab)

Professor Kellie Evans (kellie.m.evans@csun.edu)
Department of Mathematics
with Tina Torres, Director, CSUN Credential Office
and Neida Salazar (neida.salazar@csun.edu), Coordinator of Special Projects, CSUN Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

   When should I apply to the Credential Program?

FYI- and JYI-Math students: two semesters before you plan to student teach
All others: early in the semester prior to entering the Credential Program

   What should I do before I apply to the Credential Program?

Meet the basic skills requirement by passing the CBEST or click here for other possibilities.
Get information about the Certificate of Clearance. Advisor's in CSUN's Credential Office can assist with this.
Complete your field experience hours (Math 391 for CSUN math majors)
Keep your grades up (download this spreadsheet and enter/track your grades each semester)
Read the Single Subject Credential Information Session materials
Visit the Credential Program website for details about what you need. Plan ahead!

   How do I apply to the Credential Program?

Visit the Credential Program website and carefully read all requirements
Get started early; some things (e.g. fingerprinting) take time

   How do I earn subject matter clearance?

There are several paths to subject matter clearance. These include:

(1) Complete CSUN's math major in Secondary Teaching, FYI-, or JYI-Math and earn grades of C or better and a GPA of at least 2.6 in all courses required for the major (download spreadsheet and check your GPA). If you have satisfied this requirement, you must ask the Math Department to provide your proof of subject matter clearance to the Credential Office.


(2) Complete another option of CSUN's math major and take Foundations of Geometry (Math 370), the Capstone Course for prospective teachers (Math 490), and at least one upper division statistics course (Math 341, Math 440A, or Math 440B), and earn grades of C or better and a GPA of at least 2.6 in all courses required for the major (meet with an advisor for approval in advance of completing these requirements).


(3) Pass the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET): Mathematics. You must pass Subtests I and II to enter the Credential Program; you should also pass Subtest III for a "regular" credential (Subtests I and II will yield a foundational-level Credential, which authorizes the holder to teach general mathematics, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and consumer mathematics in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults; teaching Advanced Placement (AP) courses is not authorized by this credential). This will be verified by the Credential Office and you do not need to see an advisor in the Mathematics Department.

   How do I get postgraduate credit for Credential courses I took as an undergraduate?

You may petition the use of undergraduate coursework for postgraduate credential credit by filling out a petition form and submitting to Admissions and Records with a processing fee.

   Where can I get information about the different post-baccalaureate single subject math Credential Programs offered by CSUN?

Noyce scholarships provide up to $12,000 per year.
Apply by April 22, 2016 to begin Fall 2016. Online application

   How do I add a subject to my valid Single Subject Teaching Credential?

   How do I add a secondary teaching credential to my elementary teaching credential?

   How do I add an elementary teaching credential to my secondary teaching credential?