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Information Sessions

Completion of the online presentation is required as part of the applicaiton process. You will need to print and submit the certificate, showing you have reviewed the information session, with a program application.

Online SessionsPrintable VersionReview Quiz
Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)ITEP Information Session (.pdf)ITEP Review
Multiple Subject (Elementary)MS Information Session (.pdf)MS Review
Single Subject (Secondary)SS Information Session (.pdf)SS Review
Education Specialist (Special Education)ES Information Session (.pdf)ES Review
Note: Do not use the quiz link at the end of the Online Session slideshow. Instead, use the ones in this table, under "Review Quiz".

Attention: If you have taught in a WASC accredited private school for 3 or more years or if you have been licensed to teach in another state or another country, please contact the Commission on Teacher Credentialing ( or 888-921-2682) before enrolling in a credential program. There are specific state provisions regarding obtaining a California credential that may apply to you.

If necessary, our advisors are available to assist by directing you to the appropriate credential leaflets on the CTC website.