Psychology 320:  Statistical Methods in Psychological Research
Lecture 18058 2-3:15pm MW in SH386
Online Labs 18878, 18880 and 18881

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Phone: 677-3898

Office: ST 302 Office Hours: W 3:30-4:30pm
Teaching Assistants

Jeana Arter


OH: Tues. 3-4 SH308a

Danielle Klein


OH: Tues. 12-1 SH363

Yuan Nielsen


OH: Thurs. 11-12 SH363

Betsy Usher


OH: Tues. 11-12 SH363

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Psychology Department Stat Lab Hours in SH 341

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Other Open Labs with SPSS on Campus
Library managed Computer labs (the computers in the library you want are on the 3rd floor in the "Collaboratory". They have SPSS and Office but you will not be able to map the udrive from these computers. Go to the Stats lab or the USU labs for that).
Possible Computer labs in the Student Union and Satellite Student Union (I checked and it has SPSS and you can map you udrive from these computers)
Free Statistics Tutoring
Click here for the list of statistics tutors (utilize this, it's free!!!)
Academic Dishonesty Links (for first week of class)
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University of Alberta's Undergraduate Guide
Lecture Notes
Topic 1 - Intro to stats Topic 2 - Measurement Topic 3 - Displaying Data
Topic 4 - Central Tendency Topic 5 - Variability Topic 6 - Normal Distribution
Topic 7 - Probability (cards) Topic 8 - Sampling Dist. and Hypotheses Topic 9 - One Sample mean
Topic 10 - Related Samples Topic 11 - Independent Samples Topic 12 - Power
Topic 13 - One-Way ANOVA Topic 14 - Factorial ANOVA Topic 15 - Repeated ANOVA
Topic 16 - Correlation Topic 17 - Regression PowerPoint Slides (.docx)
Homework #1 - Ch. 1, 2 and 3 Homework #2 - Ch. 4 and 5 Homework #3 - Ch. 6
Homework #4 - Ch. 7 Homework #5 - Ch. 8 Homework #6 - Ch. 12 and 13
Homework #7 - Ch. 14 Homework #8 - Ch. 16 Homework #9 - Ch. 17 and 18
Homework #10 - Ch. 9 and 10    
Labs, Data Sets and Syntax
All Labs, data sets and Syntax (.zip file) How to make a boxplot in excel (link 1) (link 2)
Video Tutorials for the Labs
You'll find a tutorial for each lab here
Practice Exercises
Basic Descriptives/Normal Distribution/Probability (answers)
1 sample tests
Dependent samples test
Independent samples test
1-Way Between Groups ANOVA
Factorial ANOVA
Practice Test Questions
Exam 1
Exam 2 (answers)
Final (answers)
Z table (.pdf)(.xls)
T table (.pdf)(.xls)
F table (.pdf)(.xls)
Power Table (.pdf)(.xls)
Q table (.pdf)(.xls) Expanded (.xls)
Pearson's r significance table (.pdf)(.xls)