Joint Mathematics Meetings New Orleans, LA, January 5-8, 2007 (Friday - Monday)
Meeting #1023

Special Session on Numerical Relativity, Sunday, January 7, 2007. 8:00am -- 10:55 am, 1:00pm--5:55pm.

Location. Sheraton New Orleans Hotel (500 Canal Street · New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 · Phone: (504) 525-2500) 3-rd floor, Napoleon Ballroom D2 (see the floor plan).

Session Schedule. The session schedule can be accessed at the AMS web site:

Morning Session (8:00am ---10:55am)
8:00am-8:45am Lee Lindblom Caltech Generalized Harmonic Evolutions of Binary Black Hole Spacetimes .pdf
15 min. break
9:00am-9:25am Jie Qing University of California Santa Cruz On the Uniqueness of Asymptotically AdS Space-Times
5 min. break
9:30am-9:55am Deborah Konkowski U.S. Naval Academy Quantum Mechanical Healing of Classical Spacetime Singularities .pdf
5 min. break
10:00am-10:25am Ronghua Pan Georgia Institute of Technology Blowup of Smooth Solutions for Relativistic Euler Equations .pdf
5 min. break

Poster Session (11:00am ---11:45am) informal
Alexander Alekseenko California State University, Northridge Well-Posed Initial-Boundary Value Problem for Constrained Evolution .pdf

Afternoon Session (1:00 pm ---10:55am)
1:00pm-1:45pm Pablo Laguna Penn State University Binary Black Hole Simulations and the Hunt for Gravitational Waves .pdf
15 min. break
2:00pm-2:25pm Blake Temple University of California, Davis A Proposal to Numerically Simulate a Cosmic Shock Wave by Use of a Locally Inertial Glimm Scheme
5 min. break
2:30pm-2:55pm Olivier Sarbach Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Mexico A Minimization Problem for the Lapse and the Initial-Boundary Value Problem for Einstein's Field Equations
5 min. break
3:00pm-3:25am Joerg Frauendiener University of Tuebingen, Germany Geometric Discretisation of General Relativity .pdf
5 min. break
3:30pm-3:55pm Luisa T. Buchman University of Texas at Austin Towards Absorbing Outer Boundaries in General Relativity .pdf
5 min. break
4:00pm-4:25pm Michael J. Holst University of California, San Diego Some Results on Constraints in GR
5 min. break
4:30pm-4:55pm Dale Choi Korea Inst. of Science and Technology Information Simulations of Binary Black Hole Mergers
5 min. break
5:00pm-5:25pm J. David Brown North Carolina State Univ. Modifying the Einstein Equations off the Constraint Hypersurface .pdf
5 min. break
5:30pm-5:55pm Robert Martin University of Waterloo, Canada A Method for Covariant Discretization of Space-Time Using Shannon Sampling Theory .pdf

Planning Your Talk. Planning you presentation, please take into consideration the visual equipment that will be available at the meeting. Each presentation room at the meeting is equipped with an overhead projector and an LCD projector. (The speakers are strongly advised to use their own laptops with the LCD projector, however, we will try to have a spare laptop with .pdf and .ppt capabilities for the session just in case.) Notice that no black/whiteboards will be available. If you need to write to answer a question, please, use the blank transparencies and the overhead projector (will be provided).

Description. The special session aims to bring together a cohort of applied scientists with expertise in (1) solutions to the Einstein field equations, exact and by numerical approximations, (2) reformulations of Einstein equations for numerical evolution, (3) accurate description of appropriate initial data and boundary conditions for systems of partial differential equations, (4) computational methods developed in other areas which are suitable for numerical simulation of the Einstein field equations, and (5) analysis of the partial differential equations that arise in numerical relativity with the common goal of sharing knowledge in the field, beginning new collaborations, and exploring ideas for incorporating efficient new techniques that will advance the state of knowledge in the area.

Participation. Participation in the session can be a combination of the following three forms:

Registration. All speakers need to register for the meeting. Note that we negotiated a special discount with AMS for Physics Faculty / Research Faculty. Effective now, Physics Faculty may register at the member price, which is $208 if registered before December 13, and $271 if registered at the meetings. For assistance with reduced price registration, please e-mail the organizers ( or -- to apply the reduced fees a copy of the e-mal from the meeting's director has to be presented. We will be happy to send you a copy of this e-mail or assist with the reduced registration directly.

Members of the AMS can register on-line at

For more information, please go to the 2007 Joint Mathematics Meetings Web Page

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