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To access documents related to activity planning, student conduct, academic appeals and other university procedures, select a category and choose a form from the expanded list. For more details about activity-related service providers, visit the respective websites for Disability Resources and Educational Services, Parking Services, Physical Plant Management, National Center on Deafness or the University Club. You many also visit the “Policies and Procedures” page for instructional or policy-related information.

Academic Grievance and Grade Appeal

Activity Planning


Campus Space Reservations

Clubs and Organizations

University Recognition Documents (URD)

Clubs & Organizations Officer Change or Update Form

Code of Ethics for University Recognized student Clubs and Organizations

Statement of Understanding Between University Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations and CSUN

Clubs & Organizations Constitution Requirements and Guidelines

Constitution Submission Form

Clubs & Organizations Constitution Submission Process

Eligibility Checklist - Executive Order 1006 Officer Compliance Form

Student Activities - Executive Order 1068

Information Systems and Technology Club and Organizations Authorization Form

Clubs & Organizations Officer Information and Minimum Number of Students Form

University Recognizes Clubs & Organizations Privileges and Responsibilities

University Recognized Clubs and Organizations Statement of Nondiscrimination and Acknowledgement of Use of Alcohol and Illicit Drug Policy

Clubs & Organizations Recognition Process

Use of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs Policy

Financial Aid and Work-Study

Human Resources and Financial Information

Jobs and Careers

Student Conduct and Discipline

Student Health and Wellness

Student Housing

Student Records Administration