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Health Standards

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California Framework - by grade

Note: Theses are more fully developed in the California Department of Education Health Framework .
The official standards are to be released in 2008.

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National Health Education Standards

CSET Health Science Subject Matter Requirements
Fountdations of Health Education
Human Growth and Development
Chronic and Communicable Diseases
Nutrition and Fitness
Mental and Emotional Health
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
Family Life and Interpersonal Relationships
Consumer and Community Health
Environmental Health

Acceptance of Personal Responsibility for Lifelong Health

Standard 1 The student understands and demonstrates ways in which his or her health and well-being can be enhanced and maintained.

Standard 2 The student understands and demonstrates behaviors that prevent disease and speed recovery from illness.

Standard 3 The student will understand and demonstrate behaviors that reduce the risk of becoming involved in potentially dangerous situations and will know how to react to situations in ways that help to protect his or her health.

Respect for and Promotion of the Health of Others

Standard 4 The student will understand and demonstrate how to play a positive, active role in promoting the health of his or her family.

Standard 5 The student will understand and demonstrate how to promote positive health practices within the school and community, including how to cultivate positive relationships with peers.

Standard 6 The student will understand the variety of physical, mental, emotional, and social changes that occur throughout life.

Standard 7 The student will understand individual differences in growth and development.

Standard 8 The student will understand his or her developing sexuality, the benefits of abstinence from sexual activity, and how to be respectful of the sexuality of others.

Informed Use of Health-Related Information, Products, and Services

Standard 9 The student will know how to identify products, services, and information that may be helpful or harmful to his or her health.