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Desktop Publishing


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VIDEO - Part B

(1) Practice Document

Sample Files for In-Class Activities

Text:Include meaninful text

Styles: Use styles to identify different heading levels within document.

Table of Contents & Index: Insert a table of contents and index. You need to refresh these if you add more information. later.

Hyperlinks: Establish hyperlinks to relevant resources.

Sections & Columns: Incorporate double columns of text in specific sections while keeping single columns in other sections

Text Boxes: Post your text using linked text boxes so text flows from one box to another.

Position graphics: Insert graphics into text boxes and insert textural captions. Your document(s) should have 6 or more embedded graphics.

Drawing: Include drawing elements such as callouts or dividing lines.

Cite text: Always cite sources using footnotes or endnotes. The sample text is purposely plaigiraized from 3 or more sources. Can you determine where it was derived from?

Bullets & numbers: Bullet or number relevant information

Headers & Footers: Use footers for pagination, and headers for running titles.

Tables & Graphs: Import tables and graphs generated in a spreadsheet such as Excel

(2) Documents related to your teaching

Teachers frequently need to develop newsletters, handouts, flyers, study guides and notes that incorporate graphics and text.