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(1) Why Analyze Data Whole-Class Data?

Collaborative web-based document technology provides the opportunity to instantly collect and analyze large sets of data from multiple lab groups and class sections with speed and accuracy. Curricular resources can be developed that employ this emerging technology to create a classroom environment that mirrors the collaborative environment of a professional research community. Students gain a better understanding of various aspects of the nature of science when they view their findings in the context of a larger set of data collected by their peers. By engaging in activities in which they analyze whole-class data using wikis and collaborative web-based documents, students gain an understanding that the research enterprise requires collaboration, independent verification, and peer review. To gain a conceptual understanding of the power of collaborative analysis of pooled data, please read the following two articles and watch the video. Although the examples are from science, they concepts can apply to any discipline. When you click on any Video link, you will be taken to a different website. After viewing the website, please click the back button in your browser to return to the course.

VIDEO - Collaborative Analysis of Pooled Data - Analyzing Hurricane Data (20:58).

Rivas, Mike and Norman Herr (2010) The use of collaborative web-based documents and websites to build scientific research communities in science classrooms. Proceedings of the 8th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, January 7-10, Honolulu, Hawaii (pp. 851-858).

d 'Alessio, Matthew, and Loraine Lundquist (2013). Computer Supported Collaborative Rocketry: Teaching students to distinguish good and bad data like an expert physicist. The Physics Teacher, in press.

(2) Sample Collaborative Investigations

VIDEO - Collaborative Analysis of Pooled Data - What Causes Something to Float? (11:42)

VIDEO - Collaborative Analysis of Pooled Data - Investigating the Cell Cycle (11:58)

VIDEO - Collaborative Analysis of Pooled Data - Composition of Biological Molecules (13:11)

VIDEO - Resources for Making a CSCL Lesson (16:27)

(3) Copying & Adapting CSCS Lessons

VIDEO - Copying Websites from existing CSCL Lessons (11:40)

VIDEO - Copying Documents - Introduction (5:45)

VIDEO - Copying Spreadsheets from existing CSCL Lessons (12:58)

VIDEO - Copying Forms from existing CSCL Lessons (10:57)

VIDEO - Copying Photo Albums from existing CSCL Lessons (12:06)