Michael D. Eisner College of Education


(1) Introduction to Databases

A database is a collection of information organized so that a computer program can quickly retrieve desired pieces of data. A field is a single piece of information; a record is one complete set of fields; and a table is a collection of records.

(2) Managing School Data

Schools and colleges are dependent upon databases to maintain student records, finances, registration, teacher information, schedules, and many other things. Teachers input data into such systems through grade book programs and other teacher/administrator software. Teachers should also be able to use programs like Microsoft Excel to organize data and merge files.

(3) Creating / Enhancing databases for your subject

VIDEO - Constructing a database from scratch (21 minutes)

Teachers use programs like Excel to manage and organize large sets of data.

(4) Using web-based databases

A growing number of educational databases are available on the Internet. Teachers can use these databases without having to teach the mechanics of a program like Excel.