Personnel Planning & Review Committee

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Personnel Planning & Review Committee

Description of PP&R

The committee makes recommendations concerning academic personnel policies and procedures, including those which, if adopted, are incorporated in appropriate sections of the Administrative Manual.

The committee interprets Section 600 of the Administrative Manual and other pertinent documents and directives with respect to personnel matters, hears appeals from personnel decisions of College committees and/or Deans, and carries out all other duties assigned to the committee in Section 600 of the Administrative Manual.


Description of Membership

The committee consists of thirteen members, including the President of the Faculty and twelve members elected by and from the eight Colleges, the Library, and Student Affairs, each unit electing its own representatives.

Only faculty in the rank of Professor, Librarian, or Student Services Professional III - Academically Related are eligible to serve on the Personnel Planning and Review Committee.

PP&R Members 2016-17 AY

NameRepresentingMail CodeCampus Telephone ExtensionsTerm Expires
Ayala-Alcantar, Christina Chicana/o Studies8246Dept. 2734, Office 27372018
Boyns, David Sociology (Faculty President's Designee, 2015-16)8318Dept. 3591, Office 6803 
Doonan, OwenArt8300Dept. 2242, Office 67532018
Ebin, VickiHealth Sciences8285Dept. 3101, Office 70532019
Grant, SheilaPsychology (Chair)8255 Dept. 2827, Office 2983 2015 
Herrera, FerminChicana/o Studies8246Dept. 2734, Office 39762017
Lampert, LynnLibrary8327Dept. 2277, Office 71042017
Murray, SeanBiology8303Dept. 3356, Office 29502017
Rowlands, KathleenSecondary Education8265Dept. 2580, Office 25562018
Schmidt-Levy, JudyUniv. Counseling Services8217 Dept. 2366, Office 4783 2017
Whiting, WilliamKinesiology8287Dept. 3205, Office 49172019 
Wiegley, JeffComputer Science8295Dept. 3398, Office 20382019
Zhang, JeffAccounting and IS8372Dept. 2461, Office 60502019
Lemus, DaisyExecutive Secretary 8220 Office 2962