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AGGA: Frequently Asked Questions - Student

Against whom may a complaint be filed?

These procedures allow students to file a complaint about academic decisions or final course grades issued by instructional faculty.

What is the deadline for filing a complaint?

Complaints must be filed within one semester after the objectionable academic decision was made or course grade issued. For example, complaints about issues arising during Fall semester must be filed before the end of the following Spring semester. Note, however, that your complaint will not be accepted as properly filed unless you have already discussed the matter with the instructor against whom the complaint is being filed. Complaints that are not timely or correctly filed are returned to students without processing.

What materials can I attach to my complaint?

Please attach a statement explaining the basis for your complaint. The statement cannot exceed two pages in length. Complaints filed with longer statements are returned to the student and must be properly re-submitted before the filing deadline. Exhibits and attachments pertaining to the matter under complaint should not be attached and will be returned. Such materials can be presented when you meet with the instructor, college dean, and/or representatives from the Academic Grievance and Grade Appeals Board.

Where should my formal complaint be filed?

Your complaint should be mailed or delivered to:
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs California State University Northridge University Hall 310
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8239

What happens to my complaint once submitted to the Office of the Vice President?

Your complaint will be forwarded to the instructor against whom the complaint was filed. You will be mailed a copy of the instructor’s reply and you will be given further instructions as to your options. It is absolutely essential that your complaint include the address where you regularly receive mail.

How long might it take for my complaint to be fully processed?

As you will note upon review of the attached procedures, there are several steps to the pre-complaint and formal complaint processes. A complaint may be resolved at any point in the process; however, complaints that go through every stage in the process can take a complete semester or more to conclude. Note that instructors do not ordinarily respond to formal complaints during times when the University is not in session (e.g., Winter break and Summer).

How can I get assistance with my questions about the filing and processing of a complaint?

Staff in the Office of the Vice President are available to assist you at (818) 677-2391.

Rev 12/2010