Psychology Students Awarded Graduate Equity Fellowships!

September 9, 2013

Several graduate students in the Psychology Department were awarded the CSUN Graduate Equity Fellowship.  Congratulations to the students and their mentors!

David Martinez-Alpizar 

David Martinez-Alpizar will work with his mentor, Dr. Luciana Laganà, to complete his thesis project entitled “A Path Analysis Model for Computer Self-Efficacy Among Older Adults.”  

Rebecca Stephens   

Rebecca Stephens will complete her thesis, "Childhood Sexual Abuse as a Risk Factor for Adult Sexual Victimization: The Influence of Posttraumatic Symptoms" with Dr. Andrew Ainsworth as her mentor. 

 Lorraine Becerra     

Lorraine Becerra will work with her mentor, Dr. Tara Fahmie, to complete her research project entitled "The Effects of a Weighted-MSWO Procedure on the Consistency of Preference Rankings"

Nathaly Pacheco Santivanez

Nathaly Pacehco Santivanez will complete her thesis, "The Role of Culture on Risky Decision-making Processes among Immigrant-background Youth", with Dr. Jill Quilici as her mentor.


Lisa Stedman-Falls will work with her mentor, Dr. Ellie Kazemi, to complete her research project entitled "Can a robot serve as a simulated client?"


Kolina Koltai will work with her mentor, Dr. Debbie Ma, to complete her thesis project entitled "The relationship between childhood exposure to biracials and implicit bias."


Aerielle Allen will conduct research with her mentor, Dr. Debbie Ma, in the Stereotyping and Intergroup Prejudice Lab.


Nouha Hallak will complete her research entitled "Perceived Parenting Behaviors and LGB Emerging Adults' Depression and Anxiety" with Dr. Scott Plunkett as her mentor.


Sandra Michel will complete a research project entitled "Do the Data Support the Use of Support Persons with Child Witnesses? The Effects of Support on Stress and Accuracy" under the mentorship of Dr. Bradley D. McAuliff.