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SCHOLARSHIPS: CampusRXBio Announces Nationwide Scholarship Program.....

May 3, 2013

Cambridge, MA - April 22, 2009

CampusRXBio has launched a new scholarship program for students pursuing a career in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or life sciences industries. $2500 will be awarded to a student who shows a passion and commitment to the advancement of new technologies in these fields. This nationwide scholarship initiative is the most comprehensive of its kind as students from both scientific/technical and non-technical areas of study are eligible to apply.

"With the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries amongst the fastest growing industries in the United States, we want to do all we can to encourage students to pursue a career in these exciting new fields" says CEO, Matt Casey. "These new companies will need scientists and technicians, but they will also need the help of many others who come from non-technical backgrounds. That's why we have decided to open up the scholarship to students of all concentrations and major.

To apply, each student must complete an online application form as well as a short essay. The deadline for applications is December 1, 2009. Winners will be announced March 1, 2010. Students can find more information on the scholarship program at:

In order for students to be eligible for the scholarship program, their school must be registered. Colleges & universities can find information on registering for the program at:

For more information, questions, or comments on the scholarship program and CampusRXBio, please contact Matt Moore at

About CampusRXBio:

CampusRXBio is a subsidiary of helps companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries meet their hiring needs. We connect employers with the members of our extensive database of students, alumni, and experienced talent who are seeking careers in both technical and non-technical roles. Employers have the opportunity to reach candidates cost-effectively and efficiently with direct email blasts, job postings and branding campaigns locally, regionally and nationally.