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The College of Science and Mathematics offers opportunities to support a variety of programs and projects that prepare students who go on to earn doctoral degrees in the sciences and mathematics. Besides playing a critical role in ensuring the region and the nation has a pool of talented scientists and mathematicians capable of assuming leadership roles in a changing, knowledge-based, multicultural society, the College also prepares a number of students to attend medical, dental and pharmacy schools.

The College’s Role: Local and Global

The College of Science and Mathematics is committed to education and community service.

Our students dedicate themselves to courses of study that lead to careers in the sciences and mathematics. Many CSUN students become involved with the professional community through internships in industry or by conducting research with faculty.

Graduates can use their education locally - or anywhere in the world they might be compelled to go! Some of our graduates go on to work locally for Amgen and globally with the U.S. government and other universities.

Whether doing research on coral reefs in Moorea, cancer research in a laboratory, understanding the mechanics of the earthquake cycle in the Himalayas, preparing to be a science or math teacher, exploring the properties of materials with intrinsic nanoscale dimensions, or carrying out solar research, our students develop the confidence that comes from experience.

Please explore this website to learn about our departments, Centers, Associations and Programs, as you think about how you might wish to contribute.

Thank you for your interest in the College of Science and Mathematics at California State University, Northridge.

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For more information about our college, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact Adrienne Walt at 818-677-6308 or make an online gift directly to the college . The online form allows you to designate your donation to the College of Science and Mathematics.