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Credit/No-Credit Grading Policy

Undergraduate students who are not on academic notice (formerly academic probation) may elect the Credit/No-Credit (CR/NC) option for one or more courses each term, up to a maximum of 18 units applicable to the bachelor’s degree. If 18 or more semester CR graded units are accepted on transfer from other institutions, no additional CR graded CSUN courses may be used to satisfy degree requirements.

The CR or NC grade will not be considered in the computation of the student’s grade point average. Students may not change from the CR/NC basis to the graded (or conversely from graded to CR/NC) option after the fourth week of classes.

Limitations: Courses taken on a CR/NC basis cannot be used to satisfy ANY of the following degree requirements:

  1. General Education and Title 5 requirements.
  2. The Major, except those courses offered on a CR/NC basis only. (Additional courses in the discipline of the major beyond those used to satisfy major requirements may not be taken for CR/NC.)
  3. The Minor, except those courses offered on a CR/NC basis only, subject to departmental approval.

Undergraduate students who plan to transfer to another institution or to enter a graduate or professional school should check with that institution for information concerning acceptance of credit for CR graded courses. As a general rule, graduate and professional schools are likely to consider a grade of Credit as equivalent to a grade of “C” and a grade of No Credit as a “Fail.”

Learn more in the University Catalog at Credit/No Credit Grading.