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ADN-BSN Community College Collaborative Program

The ADN-BSN Community College Collaborative Program is a collaborative model for academic progression in Nursing that links CSUN with designated California Community College (CCC) partners. This program enables the ADN student to earn to a BSN degree in just approximately 3 years from the start of the ADN program to the BSN graduation. 

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Note: If your Community College is not currently one of our partnering campuses, please communicate with your Associate Degree in Nursing Program Administration regarding interest in collaborating with CSUN. The Department of Nursing at CSUN is open to developing new partnerships to provide more access to students seeking a post-baccalaureate program. 

What Community Colleges does CSUN partner with?

How do I get started with my interest in the ADN-BSN Community College Collaborative Program at CSUN?

Research Community College ADN programs and work toward applying to them. When eligible, apply to the ADN programs at the partnering Community Colleges as soon as you can. At the same time work with a Counselor at the Community College to also be eligible to transfer to CSUN. Once admitted to one of the ten partnering ADN programs, contact CSUN Nursing for any questions regarding applications. Students must complete CSUN University application and CSUN Department of Nursing Supplemental Applications during the correct application periods to be considered for admissions.

What are the prerequisites needed to apply to this program at CSUN?

Written Communication (any GE accepted course)

Oral Communication (any GE accepted course)

Critical Thinking (any GE accepted course)

Introductory Statistics (CSUN: MATH 140)

Human Anatomy Lecture & Lab (CSUN: BIO 211 & BIO 212)

Human Physiology Lecture & Lab (CSUN: BIO 281 & BIO 282)

Microbiology Lecture & Lab (CSUN: BIO 215/L)

Introductory Chemistry Lecture & Lab (CSUN: CHEM 103/L)

Each prerequisite course must be completed with at least a “C” or better, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (Department requirement).

*Note: the requirements to get in to the ADN program at a Community College and the Collaborative at CSUN are different, please research each program individually.

How do I know if the courses I took at the Community College can be used for the prerequisites?

Please use to review courses taken at California Community Colleges or a Counselor at a Community College.

What if a prerequisite course is in progress?

Courses may be in progress during application process but all prerequisites must be completed before CSUN courses official begin.

Can I repeat prerequisites?

Prerequisite courses can be repeated if a grade of “C” or better was not already earned.

Can the lecture portion and the lab portion of the prerequisites be taken during different semesters?

The lecture and lab portion of each prerequisite must be taken concurrently to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for the CSUN Nursing program.

Is the TEAS exam required?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is not required to apply to the CSUN Nursing programs.

I am currently admitted to an ADN program but I have a Bachelor degree already earned. Can I apply?

Students who already have earned a Bachelor degree or higher are not eligible for the ADN-BSN or the RN-BSN. Students must look in to the Accelerated BSN pre-licensure program, which is a 2nd Bachelor degree option.

How do I apply to the program?

Two applications are required:

CSUN University application through Cal State Apply: October 1-November 30

CSUN Department of Nursing Supplemental Application found on the Department website: October 1-January 31

Please see our Application page for links to each individual application.

How many sets of transcripts are required to apply?

Official transcripts must be sent to Admissions and Records at CSUN after you complete the Cal State Apply application for CSUN. The Department does not require transcripts.

Are there any other course requirements, aside from the Nursing courses?

Each student transfers with different sets of classes, however most transfer students will take the Nursing classes, Upper Division General Education classes, the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam, and elective units. After being accepted, each student with meet with the Academic Counselor to go over their specific requirements for graduation.

Is the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program Online or In-Person?

The BSN Nursing courses are taught in an in-person and hybrid format. The online classroom, Canvas, is utilized by the University and Faculty to have online components of each course.

Are there any Clinical courses?

The ADN-BSN Community College Collaborative program at CSUN does require two Clinical courses for students, Leadership and Community Health. The courses will be taken the last two semesters at CSUN. 

How much does the program cost?

The overall cost for the CSUN portion of the Collaborative program is about $14,000. 

The first two Summer sessions in the program are typically not Financial Aid eligible, however please communicate with the Financial Aid Department at CSUN for all individual questions. 

Can I apply Financial Aid?

Please see the Financial Aid and Scholarships website for more information: