Institute for Social and Behavioral Sciences

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About Us


The Institute for Social and Behavioral Sciences serves as a gateway to entrepreneurial research programs within the college.  There are several centers and institutes within CSBS that have developed applied research programs ranging from applications in geospatial technology, anthropological services, policy advisement, to support programs for economically disadvantaged students and other programs that support local community non-profit activities.  The Institute for Social and Behavioral Sciences ensures that the university and college goals are met within these various programs.  Specific goals consistent across all centers include:

  • Foster applied research within the university and Southern California region.
  • Provide specialized services unique to our faculty and research staff to the local and statewide community.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty, students, and groups in the local community.
  • Provide real-world work experience opportunities for students allowing for the development of critical workplace competencies.
  • Development of programs that support the educational growth of the students at CSUN.

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