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Student Travel Accident Insurance

This insurance automatically provides medical coverage for students when they travel off-campus for University-sponsored activities; it is intended primarily for use with field trips and does not extend to international travel.

The Student Travel Accident Insurance Program is accident insurance automatically activated for students who must travel off-campus to meet the requirements proscribed by the University or a University Affiliate. It does not include foreign travel since it is primarily intended for academic field trips. The coverage summary is as follows:

Coverage: Student Travel Accident Policy

Policy No: BAB 006311

Insurer: Life Insurance of North America

Named Insured: Trustees of California State University, et al

Covered Parties: Enrolled student, including students enrolled only in extended education programs of the California State University

Medical Expense Benefit: Full Excess

Medical Expense Limit: $10,000 Total Maximum Benefit Amount Per Covered Person, Per Covered Accident

Medical Expense Deductible: $0 Per Covered Person, Per Covered Accident

Hazard Insured Against: (Injuries to the Insured (enrolled student) while):

  1. away from Campus, or
  2. traveling to or from or participating in a school (University) sponsored activity

School Sponsored Activity: Travel or participation in activities away from campus which:

  1. is a part of a course requirement (i.e. academic field trip), or
  2. is sponsored by a university auxiliary organization or other recognized student organization or club, or
  3. includes travel to or from intercollegiate athletic events away from campus but does not include participation in such events or practices.

Claims Reporting: Report claims within 30 days after the covered loss occurs or begins or as soon as reasonably possible. Click Here to download the claim form. Complete the HSR claim reporting form and send the completed form directly to:

Health Special Risk (HSR)
HSR Plaza, 4001 Medical Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75007
Tel: (972) 492-6474
Fax: (972) 492-4946