Insurance and Risk Management -2022

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Insurance for Special Events

Special Events, and Campus Events in general, are a core function of the CSU and the Auxiliary organizations. Special Events engage the students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors and surrounding communities in programs augmenting the traditional academic programs of the university. CSUN goal is to serve our community as educational, public service, cultural, and artistic centers enriching through experience, culture, knowledge, and learning.

For most events, all Campus spaces require a Special Event Permit to ensure it's in compliance and safe (FPDC). 

Insurance requirements are determined on a case-by-case

Special Event Insurance may be available for the great variety of “special events”  that take place each week both on and off-campus. Three distinct groups must decide with the University or its Affiliated Organizations to use the University’s facilities. The path to hold the event depends on which group is sponsoring the event and, of course, the nature and location of the event.

The three groups are:

  1. CSUN Students and Student Organizations
  2. CSUN Staff or Faculty
  3. Outside Groups (Businesses, Community Organizations, Film Companies, etc.)

Students and Student Organizations

Students planning any event, indoors or outdoors, anyplace on or off-campus should first go to the Division of Student Affairs, “Matador Involvement Center” located in the University Student Union (USU) for information.

Special event insurance is usually required if the participants include anyone who is not a registered student or a member of CSUN faculty or staff. Fundraising events require coordination with University Advancement.

Insurance Requirement:

Complete  CSUN Special Event Application and provide full details of the event including the flyer(s) and/or website link(s) to an advertisement.  Email to once completed.

CSUN Staff/Faculty or Departments

On-campus events organized by CSUN faculty or staff, faculty groups, college or department with outside organization involvement, or events organized by outside groups without CSUN sponsorship must go to University Licensing, Sierra Center, 3rd floor to start. These events will require insurance in almost all cases.

CSUN departments that sponsor an on or off-campus special event may contact the University Risk Management Department directly to determine whether special events insurance is required.

Insurance Requirement:

Complete the CSUN Special Event Application and provide full event details including the flyer(s) and/or website link(s) to an advertisement.  Email to once completed.

Outside Groups

Groups that wish to rent Student Housing & Conference Service facilities, including vacant dorm rooms, please contact Student Housing & Conference Service.

Looking into using or leasing on-campus classroom space, outdoor space, athletic facilities, theaters, recital halls, USU facilities, University Club, etc. requires that the group sign a contract and show evidence of adequate insurance, contact University Licensing.

CSUN Special Event Insurance Requirement

Resources Contacts

Student Housing Conference Service and dorms

University Licensing Department handles facility reservations, facility staffing costs, security requirements, special equipment, and/or infrastructure requirements of the event.

The Soraya Facilities Rental

Parking & Transportation Services for parking services, and lots.

CSUN Police Service for security

EH&S Department for food rules and safety

Facilities Planning, Design & Construction: Special Event Permit