Insurance and Risk Management -2022

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Academic Field Trips

The information in this manual gives CSUN-organized field trips,  leaders guidance, and checklists designed to help assure University participants’ safety and reduce liability.

Academic Field Trip Guidelines

These guidelines are offered to supplement any existing CSUN: College or Department procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

Field Trip Leader Checklist

This is a handy quick check for both the field trip leader and the University department office administrator.

Field Trip Driving Requirements

This spells out the variety of transportation methods and associated requirements and authorizations.

Academic Field Trip Transportation Requirements

This checklist helps the trip leader to identify the appropriate forms and resources that may be involved with transporting participants to the field trip site.

International Field Trip Checklist (For Faculty)

This checklist is for faculty to review the necessary items, regulations, forms, and documentation associated with a field trip outside the USA borders.

Field Trip Forms & FAQs

This identifies the forms that may be needed for a field trip.